Zebra WiNG Enterprise Network

WiNG Enterprise Network – Handling Capacity with Grace

WiNG Enterprise NetworkWiNG doesn’t buckle under the demands of the 802.11ac devices that burden other networks. The WiNG operating system was designed with distributed architecture in mind to bring full controller level functionality where it is most needed – close to the user.

At each access point, the system delivers intelligence to make decisions as each client is added to the network, ensuring fast, reliable connections for more users.

More Intelligence, Less Hardware

With WiNG 5 intelligence at every access point, networks can be created without the expense of local controller appliances – allowing autonomous single sites of up to 64 access points or remote sites of up to 128 access points. All of this is easy to deploy – your networks will be up in less time, using far less budget than you thought.

“Sky is the Limit” Scalability

meetingHow big can WiNG get? As big as you can grow. WiNG 5 was designed to scale from a single, stand-alone access point to a network of access points without a hardware controller, and then to a cloud-based network that scales to thousands of sites and tens of thousands of access points.

All of these access points are provisioned and managed through a single pane of glass to offer greater convenience and control. Each access point contains the same WiNG 5 software, features, and most importantly, the superior seamless user experience for everyone connected.

Features and Benefits

  • Smarter reliability – Build a WiNG 5 network to incorporate redundancy without extra cost, and you’ll ensure a network that will continue run even when component outages occur.
  • Intelligence at every access point – WiNG 5 features a distributed architecture design so that each access point and service platform is equipped with the intelligence to operate independently.
  • Smart RF management – With intelligent RF management, which includes radio frequencies and power, you’ll have the highest levels of coverage and reliable device connectivity while mitigating any RF interference in your range.
  • Equipped to carry that weight – As each device enters the network, it is assigned to the best RF channel or band for its particular needs; a great feature called Smart Load Balance ensures that each connected device is operating at its optimum connection rate.
  • Maintain optimal performance – Get rid of those sticky clients that drag down performance. “Roam Assist” detects and manages sticky clients on the network so each radio can deliver the best performance to each client it serves.
  • Get up to speed fast – When you need WiNG 5, you can get it – fast. WiNG 5 intelligent provisioning means large-scale deployments are a snap, often saving days in deploying a new network. Roll out your new customer experience in short order to drive more sales and engage with your customers.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact ADSI for a complimentary consultation. Our wireless networking specialists can help you configure the WiNG 5 Enterprise Network for your operations.To learn more, contact ADSI via email at info@adsionline.com or call us at (877) 755 2374 today!

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