Zebra Omnii XT15ni

The Omnii XT15ni: The Ultimate Industrial Handheld for Hazardous Environments

High Performance in Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Chemical, Manufacturing & More

The Omnii™ platform is uniquely adaptive by design – combining Motorola-Omnii-XT15niextreme versatility with open innovation to deliver flexibility as your business needs change. The Omnii XT15ni, the next evolution of the Omnii platform, is designed for the specialized needs of those requiring safe operation in hazardous environments.

The Omnii XT15ni is UL-certified to be non-incendive, providing mobile workers with a rugged handheld device that safely operates in hazardous areas found in pharmaceutical, oil & gas, utilities, chemical and various manufacturing applications.

It takes the best features of the Omnii platform to give mobile workers the greatest access to applications and allow businesses to deploy one mobile solution across an entire base of users.

Features & Benefits
  • Technology Made Tough – The Omnii XT15ni comes with the option of Windows® CE 6.0 or Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating systems, both of which integrate seamlessly to automate key processes and boost productivity in real-time. Plus, it is certified IP67 and IP65 and UL-certified to be non-incendive (Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D; T6) to make it one of the most rugged handheld devices ever made.
  • One Common Platform For Your Mobile Solution – The Omnii XT15ni is built on the proven Omnii platform so it can share the same software and accessories, and many options such as imagers, Push-to-Talk speaker, camera, WWAN radio and keyboards with the Omnii’s already deployed across your SCL operation.
  • Real-World Practicality – Designed to help mobile workers be more productive in the harshest of environments. Built with the Texas Instruments® OMAP3 microprocessor and a Motorola designed custom ASIC architecture, Omnii XT15ni delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency with an extended battery life of up to 20 hours. The 3.7” VGA color display improves visibility and the 95db keypad beeper with vibration feedback is perfect for loud industrial environments.
  • Safety First – Workers in hazardous environments need the right handheld for safe operation. The Omnii XT15ni’s bright orange stripe on the bezel and orange battery cover make it easily identifiable from standard Omnii handhelds to ensure your workers quickly and safely grab the right device for the job.
  • Optimized Ergonomics – Ergonomics are crucial to ensure mobile workers are efficient and effective at their jobs. The Omnii XT15ni features a balanced construction that is perfectly weighted for comfort and practicality. Furthermore, Omnii XT15ni is equipped with PsionVU software and transflective touch screens for a friendly user interface.
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