WT41N0 Wearable Computer

Real-time Hands-Free Mobile Computing with the WT41N0

With the major increase in package volume driven by multi-channel WT41N0support, demands for the ultimate in customer service, plus increasing regulations for traceability, you need to move more items through your warehouse or distribution center and capture more information about those items than ever before.

With the WT41N0 wearable mobile computer on the arms of your workers, you will. Workers can keep their hands and eyes on the materials they are handling — no time is lost handling paper or a
handheld mobile device.

Add a ring-style scanner worn on a finger and workers can capture 1D and 2D bar codes on the fly, able to document the path of that item for full traceability — and verify that the right items are in the
right orders, shipped to the right customers at the right time. The result? Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Features and Benefits

Easily increase productivity and eliminate errors in your warehouse or distribution center with next generation hands-free voice and data. Features include:

  • Flexible Voice and Text – Supports text-only, voice-only and combination text and voice applications. Eliminates the effort and cost associated with purchasing and supporting multiple hardware systems for different types of applications.
  • Superior Application Performance – The WT41N0 offers the most power of any device in its class, with a dual core processor and an operating system that can take advantage of both processors.
  • Powerful Voice Functionality – A new built-in microphone enables push-to-talk (PTT) calls and voice-directed applications without a headset, helping reduce costs. The ability to simultaneously support multiple audio sources greatly enriches functionality.
  • Ready for Rugged Environments – Workers can drop, bump or even spill liquid on the WT41N0, yet still expect reliable operation. The improved touchscreen has been hardened, making it virtually impervious to scratches. And stainless steel connectors combine with an improved coating on the rear cleat to eliminate corrosion and increase durability at accessory attachment points.

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