Wireless Infrastructure

End-to-End Wireless Infrastructure Products

Zebra’s comprehensive integrated portfolio of wireless products is designed to meet virtually any wireless networking need. ADSI’s team of wireless experts provides a full range of services from site surveys to device testing and integration services. Together we have the capabilities of delivering a full end-to-end wireless infrastructure bringing speed and confidence to your enterprise.

Indoor – Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless Switches – Zebra’s wireless LAN switches provide wireless network control, scalability, security, and reliability for deployments of any size.

  • RFS4000 Wireless Switch
  • RFS6000 Wireless Switch
  • RFS7000 Wireless Switch

Access Points – Zebra wireless access points manage wireless traffic between users, access points and wireless switches.

  • AP650 Access Point
  • AP6511 Access Point
  • AP 7181 Access Point
  • AP-7131 Access Point
  • AP-5131 Access Point
  • AP-5181 Access Point
  • Outdoor – Wireless Network Solutions

Point-to-Point Solutions – Zebra point-to-point radio solutions provide affordable, reliable high-performance connectivity, even in obstructed and high-interference environments.

  • PTP 100 Series
  • PTP 200 Series
  • PTP 400 Series
  • PTP 500 Series
  • PTP 600 Series
  • PTP 800 Series

Point-to-Multipoint Solutions – Zebra point-to-multipoint solutions deliver the power, connectivity, high demand services and cost-effectiveness that are crucial to the ultimate success of every wireless network.

  • PMP 100 Series
  • PMP 320 Series
  • PMP 400 Series
  • PMP 430 Series

Security – The industry-leading Zebra AirDefense™ WLAN and network management solutions detect and neutralize any threat, including intruders and rogue devices.


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