Wholesale Marine Reduces Shipping Costs with New Dimensioning System

Wholesale Marine Reduces Shipping Costs and Accelerates Order Fulfillment with the iDim 300 Dimensioning System

wholesale_marine_logo_250x100_1469111029__75099An online retailer since 2006, Wholesale Marine embraces the motto “We are boaters.” With nationwide distribution and the best prices for high-quality products, Wholesale Marine stocks approximately 20,000 different SKUs in its Cincinnati, OH warehouse and often ships more than 2,000 items in a single day during the peak of summer.

When small parcel carriers expanded their dimensional weight (dim weight) freight rating programs to better maximize capacity, Wholesale Marine became susceptible to additional fees, back charges and freight compliance issues from miscalculated package dimensions.idim300-image-for-case-study

The company realized it needed a reliable and efficient system to document package dimensions and weights and help them get the best shipping rates for every item shipped. As an online retailer, speed, efficiency, and reliability were important factors in looking for a solution. After reviewing their options, the company selected the iDimension™ 300 or iDim 300 dimensioning system.

“Now we have the ability to ship at the best price,” said AJ Stewart of Wholesale Marine. “We were sending packages that were too big for the carrier based on our old process. We’re not getting those dings on fees anymore. Everything is streamlined and automated as it goes through shipping.”

Find out how the company improved its fulfillment process, eliminated manual tasks and reduced unexpected shipping costs.

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