VX 9000 Controller

VX 9000 – Virtualized Cloud Deployment on Public or Private Networks

Zebra’s WiNG virtual controller provides a cost-effective way to deliver high-performance advanced wireless services. The VX 9000 offers scalability, superior deployment flexibility, and centralized management of the entire wireless network through a single windowpane.

Features & Benefits:

ELASTIC SCALE FOR EASY GROWTH – Each instance of the VX WLAN_VX90009000 supports tens of thousands of access points, providing virtualization which scales infinitely. Install the VX 9000 in a small office, in the Network Operation Center (NOC) of a large enterprise, or in the cloud. Whatever your needs are, they can be met with this versatile solution.

Live migration enables the VX 9000 to automatically and seamlessly move to another working server if necessary. All features are available at the access layer, so they remain available even if the VX 9000 is offline due to a WAN outage. This kind of survivability and network resilience is critical to operations of all sizes.

MANAGE WIRELESS AND WIRELINE FROM A SINGLE PANE – The WiNG 5 operating system oversees the entire wireless LAN system and delivers the intelligence required to route all transmissions as efficiently as possible. Controllers (physical or virtual) and all access points remain connected. Bottlenecks brought on by bandwidth-hungry apps such as video and voice are a thing of the past, as WiNG 5 eliminates the need to route all traffic through a centralized controller.

VIRTUALIZATION OFFERS SIMPLICITY IN DEPLOYMENT – The VX 9000 supports almost any server and all of the leading commercially available hypervisors on the market. This enables fast and seamless integration into all deployment scenarios, as well as easy implementation of your business-owned services inside your NOC or on a leased server in the cloud. The end result: cost-efficient deployment, flexibility, and simplicity to the wireless LAN.

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