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ADSI – A Top National U.S. Postal Service Shipping Software Partner

As many shippers are finding out, using the US Postal Service for shipping more H2_USPS_Logo_Eagle_Above-150x150than meets their small parcel delivery requirements – often at a lower overall price. The USPS offers several cost-cutting benefits:

  • The USPS charges no fuel, accessorial, residential delivery, or Saturday delivery surcharges
  • Commercial Plus Pricing gives high-volume shippers an up-front discount that averages 7% below retail prices
  • Flat-rate shipping delivers anywhere in the country for a low flat rate – no weighing, no
    zone lookups, no postage calculation
  • Free, eco-friendly packaging that is delivered it to your business at no cost
  • The largest delivery network in the U.S.

Exclusive PO Box™, APO Shipping and FPO Shipping

The USPS is the only shipper that delivers to PO Box™ and APO and FPO military addresses. APO shipping and FPO shipping is completely automated.

Online Postage Rating – Easy to Install, Simple to Use

For Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software system customers, adding the USPS rate server and automatic label printing is very simple. Once installed, your staff follows the same shipping routine and simply sees the USPS as an additional carrier option in the rating screen.

ADSI is a long-standing US Postal Service shipping partner. Our US Postal Shipping customers include many online retailers, manufacturers and distributors with business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers.

ADSI Case Study

Find out how one company, Other World Computing, has reduced costs and improved its services to its customers.

Other ADSI Shipping Solutions

Pack-IT™ order fulfillment software, an integrated component of our shipping software ensures that orders are accurately picked and packed before they are closed for shipment. Pack-IT enables users to scan, verify, and close orders all in one continuous action.

Deliver-IT package tracking software is a mobile delivery, productivity-enhancing ADSI shipping solution which adds tracking and verification (POD) to the parcel delivery process.

ADSI also sells and services a complete line of Zebra Technologies mobile computers, wearable technology, wireless networks, barcode scanners and industrial printers.

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