Tagg Upgrades to Real-Time 3PL Logistics System

tagglogo2-150x31Tagg Logistics, a leading order fulfillment and third party logistics provider (3PL) services a nationwide client base of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers shipping to their customers throughout North America and around the world.


With sales increasing 53% year over year, 3PL Tagg Logistics needed a scalable warehouse management and shipping solution to handle high order volumes for its B-to-B and B-to-C customers. Tagg implemented ADSI’s Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software solution and the Cadre Technology WMS solution to accelerate and streamline their entire fulfillment operations.


  • Faster pick rates
  • 99.9% accuracy inventory tracking
  • Responsive customer reporting
  • Sophisticated, fast shipment processing
  • Customer-specific shipping programs
  • Paperless international shipping

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