Sustainable Pallet Wrapping is Here

Sustainable Pallet Wrapping for a More Eco-Friendly Warehouse

We just got back from the National Postal Forum Show in Washington DC this year. The NPF show always gives attendees a great opportunity to meet with the US Postal Service’s strategy and technology teams to explore new ideas and lay the groundwork for new shipping programs for our customers.

The NPF Show also gives us a chance to see what other companies are doing to improve the distribution process. One interesting new company we encountered was Pallet Wrap, makers of a reusable pallet wrap alternative to plastic stretch film in the warehouse. According to Mark Lato, Pallet Wrap representative, these handy wraps could work well for operations involving closed loop runs, warehouse stock transfer and general storage. The wraps can be re-used 800 to 1200 times, depending on the way they are used.

Eco-friendly, kind of cool. If your organization is looking for ways to reduce waste, this might be an option. For more information on these sustainable pallet wraps, visit

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