Streamline Order Fulfillment with Mobile Computing

ADSI Helps Industrial Product Manufacturer Streamline Order Fulfillment Workflow with Mobile Computing

“The Company” is a leading provider of industrial products that meet ADSI solution to fulfill orders fastera wide range of process-automation needs. It manufactures more than 4,000 products at its ISO 9001-certified facilities to meet the exacting demands and rugged service conditions of many industries.

Over the years, the company has taken a methodical approach to optimizing the operational workflow from order placement to customer delivery – and has relied on ADSI shipping software and mobile computing solutions to address multiple points in the process.


The company wanted to improve efficiency and accuracy in its order picking process. To fulfill orders, the team was manually picking orders to pallets and cartons, using paper pick tickets that were updated and rekeyed back into the system. This was a time-consuming process that also allowed picking errors to slip through. Picking errors were costly, causing additional charges related to returns, rush shipping, restocking, etc.

Additionally, the company’s customers could place partial case orders, which meant the staff was constantly opening cases, pulling partials to fulfill orders and having to note the remaining quantities on the open case for inventory control. This was a time-consuming manual process that made it difficult to ascertain actual inventory on hand.


The picking process was streamlined by implementing a combination of ADSI software, Zebra mobile computers and printers on the staff forklifts:

  • Now, orders are downloaded from the order entry system onto the Zebra mobile computers, which the team uses to pick and pack and fulfill orders.
  • If a full case is opened to ship smaller quantities, the team scans the barcode on the item, updates the quantity and quickly re-labels it using the Zebra printer on the forklift.

According to the company’s Director of Logistics, ADSI’s new solution to fulfill orders fits the increasingly real-time world in which the company works with its customers.

“The more real-time we get, the less time we have for traditional stocking activities, etc. Our mobile computing and printing solution keeps the staff on their equipment and productive. We’ve gone from hard-coded screens to mobile computers with touch screens where they do the bulk of their work to fulfill orders. The printers are wireless, so this lets them print from anywhere in the warehouse.” Company Director of Logistics

In addition to ADSI’s mobile computing solution, the company has also implemented ADSI’s Pack-IT to fulfill orders and Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software to streamline shipment processing and reduce freight costs.


  • Picking errors have been virtually eliminated. This has reduced shipping costs by eliminating return shipments and rush shipments to correct the problem.
  • Picking time has been greatly reduced. Order picking is now largely a guided process fed by order line item data on the mobile computers.
  • Labor associated with order picking is also reduced. The staff can now manage a much greater portion of the process directly from their forklifts, eliminating the need to stop and get off the forklift to complete orders.
  • Restocking related to return inventory is also reduced, eliminating the labor associated with that task.
  • The time required to fulfill orders has been significantly reduced as a result of all these improvements through automation.


If you’d like to discuss alternatives to streamline your order-to-delivery workflow, please contact us today.

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