Size-IT Barcode Scanner & Dimensional Weight Calculator

Size-IT: Barcode Scanner and Digital Dimensional Weight Calculator

Fast, Accurate Package Dimensions 
Are you looking for a better way to capture package dimensions for inventory management and order cartonization and accurate shipping costs? Problem solved with Size-IT, ADSI’s mobile barcode scanner and digital mobile dimensioning tool.

Capture and Upload Package Dimensions in Seconds

Watch this short video to see how Size-IT works:

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Size-IT saves time and improves accuracy wherever you need product or package dimensions in the warehouse, including:


Accurate product dimensions, uploaded in seconds: Use Size-IT’s barcode scanner to capture stock number, unit type, quantity and other critical product information and uploads it directly into your receiving screen. Next, Size-IT electronically captures the length, width, and height as the package is measured and uploads the data to your host system where it is accessible for inventory management and to support order packing and shipment processing.

Size-IT captures package dimensions and uploads them to your receiving, shipping, or other host systems in seconds.

Products Already in Storage

Size-IT is great for companies who want to collect dimensional data for the first time as well as for those who want to periodically audit their recorded dimensions.

Size-It can be used by itself to collect the dimensions, stock number and other SKU data and the data can be uploaded in a batch to a spreadsheet or your host system.

Size-It can also be teamed with a scale, computer and printer on a mobile cart to collect dimensions, weight and more.  Updated product labels can be printed and applied on the spot.

Size-It’s portability makes it easy for your staff to capture dimensions on products where they are stored, rather than removing the stock and transporting it to a fixed measuring station.

ADSI sells mobile workstations that are ideal in enabling warehouse workers to move wherever they’re needed most.


Accurate package dimensions mean accurate shipping costs and the elimination of unexpected carrier back charges. Size-IT works readily with any shipping software (e.g. ADSI Ship-IT, UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, etc.).

No more manual measuring and calculating dim weights. You simply scan, capture and upload dimensions to your shipping system for more accurate shipping cost calculation. Not only do you save time, but manual measuring errors are eliminated.

Size-IT is also great for capturing accurate pallet measurements on LTL shipments. When printed on the bill of lading and signed by the driver, the dimensions can be valuable documentation to avoid post shipment billing adjustments by your carriers.

Solid ROI

Size-IT saves time and reduces the potential for measuring and data entry errors related to package and pallet dimensions. Our customers report a rapid pay back due to reduced labor and the elimination of unexpected carrier back charges due to dim weight discrepancies. As our customer, Andrew Wimmer of FSG stated,

“Size-IT has made a considerable change for the better to our shipping department. With the Size-IT unit, we’ve increased accuracy and efficiency for each package. We’re able to process shipments more quickly and accurately without worrying about it dim’ing out. Also, because Size-IT is a flexible handheld device, we didn’t have to allocate space in our warehouse for a bulky piece of equipment. It is the perfect fit for FSG.”

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