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Shipping Software That Moves at the Speed of Business

At ADSI, our goal is very simple – to help you improve profitability by streamlining labor and reducing your freight bill. We do this providing you with all the tools you need to improve efficiency and eliminate hidden shipping costs.

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Compare Carriers and Save

With Ship-IT, our multi-carrier shipping software, you can load all your national, regional and local carriers for postal, small parcel, LTL and truckload shipments onto a single system.

You can configure Ship-IT to choose the lowest-cost option based on your specific business rules. This frees up your staff to move more orders, more quickly.

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ADSI’s large carrier library makes it easy to add carriers to your portfolio. You can load and compare national, regional and international carriers such as FedEx, UPS, the USPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, Purolator, Old Dominion, YRC, Royal Mail, Eastern Connection, Pitt-Ohio, and many others.

Ship-IT also includes a large library of carrier-compliant labels, bills of lading, export documents, packing lists, ASNs, and more. Ship-IT applies your shipping rules and prints the right documents and labels in seconds.

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Process International Shipments 80% Faster

Ship-IT can compare international carriers and produce all necessary export documents in seconds. We also offer AESDirect software for fast filing to keep shipments moving.

Address Verification to Eliminate Delivery Backcharges

For big savings, add Address-IT to your Ship-IT system to auto-detect and correct addresses. If your carrier detects and fixes the address problem, additional fees ranging from $12.00 to $80.00 per shipment are added to your bill.

Integrated Dimensioning Systems

Are you looking for a faster, simpler way to calculate dimensional weights and shipping rates? ADSI offers a range of dimensioning systems that can be integrated with Ship-IT or your other back-end systems.

Smart Shipping Software in a Mobile Solution

Best of all, we offer the combined value of software, configured for optimum performance with the right mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers for your operations. We also install, troubleshoot and repair equipment.

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See how fast shipping can be with Ship-IT combined with fast, rugged Zebra printers and scanners.

Customer Case Studies

Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with Ship-IT. For example:

“Ship-IT is actually paying for itself during our slowest season with a two-month ROI.” Online Craft Supplies Store

“Ship-IT allows us to auto-compare USPS rates with other international carrier rates. We’re saving thousands of dollars.” Computer e-Tailer

“Our goal was to increase shipment throughput to 10X faster. With Ship-IT, we’re actually 12X faster with it!” Medical Equipment Company

Reduce Your Shipping Costs by 10%, 20% or even 40%? Yes!

Our shipping software has helped many companies reduce their shipping costs by 10%, 20% or even 40%. To find out how much you can save, fill out our short shipping survey and we’ll provide a complimentary consultation to start uncovering your savings.

If you have other questions, we’d love to chat! Please call 877.755.2374 or send an email today.

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