Ship-IT Global Rate Server

ADSI Ship-IT Global Rate Server for Worldwide Shipping

The ADSI Ship-IT Carrier Library also contains a Global Rate Server to accommodate rating, routing and shipping from worldwide origins. This flexible Ship-IT component allows you to exercise more control over the carriers, services, business rules, rates, fees, zones, commitments, and bundling criteria in use.

Features include:

User Defined XML Data:

  • Carriers and services
  • Rates
  • Routes
  • Zones
  • Fees
  • Validation
  • Time in transit
  • Delivery areas
  • Bundling criteria


  • Weight based
  • Dimensional
  • Pallet based
  • Piece based
  • Deficit
  • Shipment level

Tracking numbers:

  • Package level
  • Shipment level
  • Second package level
  • Custom tracking number algorithms

End of Day Manifests:

  • Custom end of day upload file generation and formats
  • Transmit/Auto-transmit via FTP or HTTP
  • End of day manifest number generation


  • Standard documents
  • Custom documents

For additional information on the Global Rate Server’s capabilities, and questions on configuring your Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software system to to automate worldwide shipping for your operations, please contact us.

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