Mobile Computing Services

Zebra Authorized Support Services

ADSI is an Platinum Zebra Mobile Solutions and Wireless Network Solutions partner. As a premier Zebra partner, we offer certified authorized support services to help our clients derive the greatest benefits from their Zebra products. We also configure our order fulfillment software and shipping software to operate on a wide range of Zebra barcode scanners, mobile computers and printers.

Mobile Computing Consulting

ADSI provides expert consulting services on all aspects of mobile computers, barcode scanners and mobile printers, wireless infrastructure, barcode labeling and RFID. Our specialists can help you choose the best hardware for a particular problem and the best software for that specific hardware. We can also assist with the selection and activation of cellular services and carriers.

Application Software Development

If third party software is not available for the functionality you need, ADSI can develop application software to fill in the missing pieces. Our technical specialists can either write and integrate software from scratch or use rapid application development tools to develop solutions for your mobile computers, PCs and corresponding server applications with database integration.

Wireless Infrastructure Services

ADSI can support your wireless solution projects, including wireless site surveys to determine optimal access point location and antenna types and help you install, update and configure your wireless infrastructure.

Mobile Device Staging

At times, mobile computing devices may come from the distributor with out-of-date software and firmware, and rarely come pre-loaded with the software to be used. Even pre-loaded software may require additional configuration before it can be used. ADSI can stage devices or develop a procedure for staging devices that includes:

  • Updating the OS and/or firmware to the latest or specific known “good” versions
  • Assisting with device activation for cellular service; installing SIM cards if applicable
  • Configuring devices to connect to wireless LAN and WAN networks
  • Loading software and supporting files

Mobile Device Management

When deploying a large number of devices and/or a large geographical area, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the devices. Gathering devices for a manual update process can be time-consuming and inefficient. ADSI can provide and configure software to help you manage devices efficiently. Our tools can help you:

  • Stage devices for initial deployment
  • Ensure compliance of each device with security and software requirements
  • Provide remote viewing and control for assistance with troubleshooting end user issues
  • Apply updates to devices without requiring their physical return to a central location
  • Monitor device status
  • Re-provision devices returned from repair

Spare Device Pool Management

ADSI also provides spare device pool management. Spare units are shipped upon request. ADSI takes care of RMA processing. When repaired items are returned, they are reconfigured as needed and returned to the spare pool. We’ll provide you with a toll-free number and actively monitored email address to ensure that all issues are promptly addressed.

Dedicated Help Desk for Your Field Team

ADSI can also function as your “help desk” to support your field team. Your field personnel can rely on our responsive support team for hardware and connectivity issues as a Tier I function, and specific application support as a Tier II function (requiring specific application support and diagnostic knowledge). We can also provide a customer-specific, toll-free number for your team.

Extended Support Options

While hardware manufacturers may offer extended support options for their hardware, software support is not typically included. In addition to troubleshooting hardware and connectivity issues, ADSI offers comprehensive software support to resolve application issues.

We can also provide support for many issues that extend beyond typical manufacturer coverage. Using a variety of remote access software tools, our technicians can quickly resolve many issues over the phone. We can also provide on-site support services.

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