OWC Saves Thousands with ADSI’s USPS Shipping

OWC Saves Thousands by Adding USPS to Multi-Carrier Shipping System

Computer distributor Other World Computing (OWC) depends on the U.S. Postal Service® OWC logo(USPS) to bring its products to its customers’ door as a low-cost alternative to faster, and often more costly, carriers. OWC has also opened new international markets for small and lower cost merchandise items that were previously out-of-reach due to the relatively high cost of freight for low cost items.


OWC’s growing postal volume, ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 packages a day, had outpaced its postal manifesting system. The printing and reconciling of daily postal manifests was a very time-consuming task that could cause delivery delays.

OWC was already using ADSI’s multi-carrier shipping software solution for its other shipping needs. The company decided to add USPS rates to the shipping system to simplify and accelerate the postal shipping workflow.


  • Eliminated shipping delays caused by manual processes.
  • Replaced a several hundred page manifest with a one-paged barcoded document.
  • Now auto-generates export documents in seconds.
  • Freed up 25% of staff time by eliminating manual manifest.
  • Can now automatically access lower postage rates and track customer deliveries.

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