NX 9600 Controller

Manage the Big Picture from a Single Pane With the NX 9600 Controller

There are many devices and mobile applications on your network to nx9600_3manage. The NX 9600 Integrated Services Platform for the Network  Operations Center (NOC) or private cloud delivers a way to view all those devices and applications from a single interface. Your entire distributed network is controlled from one place – including branch offices, access points, guest access services, telephony services, mobile applications and mobile devices that your workforce uses. Built-in large storage capacity accommodates the years of data required for the comprehensive analytics you need to streamline support from a Level 1 help desk to CxO level metrics management and reports.

Features & Benefits:

SCALE TO 10,000 ACCESS POINTS – The NX 9600 is supported by Zebra’s WiNG 5 architecture which distributes intelligence to every point in your network, including the NX 7500, NX 4500/6500 Integrated Services Platform in branch offices, and all the connected access points. You can now make decisions about traffic routing and maintain Quality of Service (QoS) – an easy way to scale the power of WiNG 5 throughout your entire network.

OPTIMIZE YOUR NOC – Having a snapshot of activity on all of your wireless and wireline equipment is a definite advantage. Combine that capability with the hierarchical management offered by the NX 9600 to simplify your job even further by presenting a single graphical user interface for the entire network. The NX 9500 can adopt NX 7500, NX 4500/6500 and RFS 4000/6000/7000 series controllers as well as all of their adopted standalone WiNG 5 access points. Visibility into all things in all locations delivers a great deal of power to your NOC.

ANALYTICS THAT TELL A STORY – Powerful analytics tools allow you to see the big picture and fine details to answer the basic questions at the help desk, as well as provide intelligence to build a better network. You can also view reports to optimize usage. For example, monitor your BYOD policy by seeing who is logging in and receive time-based statistics on user behavior. Guest access analytics reports will provide rich data on guest device usage, browsing behavior, as well as a profile of users and their activity while on your network.

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