Motorola HC1 Headset Computer

Motorola HC1 Headset Computer:

No Hands, Laptop or Fixed Mobile Workstation Required

Imagine if you could empower technical and field service personnel to work differently; more efficiently by leveraging a hands-free mobile solution that provides instant access to business critical documents, take photos or video and connect with remote experts in environments where using a laptop or handheld device is impractical or impossible. How would that capability transform how your business works?

Meet the HC1 Mobile Headset Computer, an innovative, completely hands-free wearable computing solution delivers operations critical data on demand. The HC1 is changing the way mobile field technicians work.View critical or graphic-rich data, quickly act and collaborate with remote team members to speed troubleshooting with a simple verbal command or turn of the head to move a visual on-screen pointer to execute the application. No hands, laptop or fixed mobile workstation required.

Features & Benefits

Responds to a voice command or tilt of the head

  • Advanced speech recognition and natural language software that supports six languages for responsive application command and control.
  • Dual bi-directional noise-cancelling microphones and near-ear loudspeaker and/or noise-cancelling ear buds — keep communications loud and clear.
  • Smooth gesture control and accurate direction and position orientation for smooth navigating by powerful accelerometer and digital compass

Stylish ergonomics

  • HC1 weight and balance optimized for hours of comfortable use.
  • Configurable the micro-display and near-ear loudspeaker.
  • Adjustable straps for a custom fit and
  • Removable comfort pads can be cleaned or replaced; device to be used by multiple workers.

Multiple data entry options

  • Supports a variety of encrypted Bluetooth-enabled data entry options, making it a dynamic, highly customizable tool.

Accessory interface and available options

  • A modular accessory interface for USB connectivity – peripherals as simple as snapping them on.
  • Wide assortment of accessories: multi-slot battery chargers, carrying cases, ear buds, pads and straps to customize your HC1.

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