MC2100 Series Mobile Computer

MC2100 Series Mobile Computer – Affordably automates retail inventory management using best-in-class data capture technology and design

The affordable, lightweight handheld MC2100 mobile computer MC2100_150w_zautomates the capture of inventory data, eliminating the need for paper-based forms to be manually entered into the computer — allowing your staff to handle more tasks per day. The MC2100 is designed for your value-conscious customers, delivering the features needed to tackle inventory applications inside the enterprise — from processing power and rugged design to superior ergonomics, flexible data capture options, enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT), and centralized device management.  The MC2100 also supports RhoElements, Zebra’s application development platform that enables the creation of cross-platform applications that work on different mobile computers with different operating systems.

As part of a total solution, from the retail store to the manufacturing floor, the MC2100 opens the door to previously underserved customers with key features that support scan-intensive inventory and asset management applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful scanning and a choice of scan engines
    With the MC2100’s flexible configurations, customers can choose the scan engine that will deliver the best performance on the types of data they need to capture. All of the scan engines capture damaged, dirty and scuffed bar codes on the first scan.
  • Best-in-class application performance
    A powerful processor and the best memory configuration in its class along with support for 802.11n allow the MC2100 to give workers a desktop-style application experience.
  • Superior ergonomics
    The MC2100 is designed for very specific applications (inventory and asset management) and our award-winning industrial design team built in the ergonomics required to ensure comfortable all-day scanning and one-handed use.
  • Real enterprise-class push-to-talk (PTT)
    With the integrated Push-to-Talk Express client, you can enable group broadcast and private-response PTT.
  • Easily create applications that will run the MC2100 and many other Zebra mobile computers
    The MC2100 is compatible with Zebra’s RhoElements, making it is the first value-priced rugged mobile computer to support HTML5, the foundation for the next generation of web-based applications. This application development platform enables you or your customers to develop rich web-based cross platform applications that run on Windows Mobile-, Windows CE- or Android-based Zebra mobile computers.

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