Stage-IT Consolidation Software

Reduce Freight Costs with Stage-IT guy-with-box-on-conveyorShipment Consolidation Software

Consolidating shipments is easier when you add Stage-IT, an integrated component of ADSI’s Ship-IT shipping software system, to your operations.

Stage-IT enables warehouse staff to proactively consolidate shipments as they process the day’s orders.

You can implement Stage-IT on a desktop system, on mobile computers or as a “black box” solution to automatically consolidate shipments without user interaction.

Auto-Detect and Consolidate Domestic and Export Shipments

Stage-IT is installed as an integrated component with ADSI’s order fulfillment software and/or shipping software to receive order and inventory information for the host ERP and supply chain systems.

  • As orders are received, Stage-IT identifies shipments eligible for consolidation – either domestic or international.
  • Once Stage-IT receives all shipments for a consolidated order, it closes the order and  sends it on to Ship-IT™ for processing.
  • You can optionally view shipment consolidation options on-screen and compare route, rate and service options offered by multiple carriers. Stage-IT’s  flexible user screen can be configured to match your specific needs.
Stage-IT’s optional and user-configurable screen allows you to view and select consolidations. Click on image for larger view.

Benefits of Stage-IT Consolidation Software

  • More efficient workflow. Eliminate bottlenecks associated with manually identifying and staging consolidated orders.
  • Better control over freight costs. Consolidated shipments yield significant freight cost savings.
  • Streamlined Customs clearance on exports. Consolidate international shipments by country and by customer to expedite the clearance process at Customs. ADSI’s international shipping software will process them in seconds.
  • Fast, accurate shipment documents. Carrier-compliant shipping labels and documents are generated by your shipping software system.

A Desktop or Mobile Solution

ADSI can install Stage-IT as a desktop or handheld solution. ADSI’s professional services team can recommend a complete, turnkey solution which includes hardware and software.

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