Ship-IT Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Reduce Costs and Save Time with Ship-IT Parcel Shipping Software

Gain more control over parcel shipping costs with the Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software system. Ship-IT parcel shipping software targets the problem areas that cause higher operational and freight costs and delivers real savings back to your bottom line.

Comprehensive Multi-Carrier Management Capabilities

Ship-IT parcel shipping software includes a flexible library of carrier-compliant routing and rating tools for small parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL) truckload (TL) and regional parcel carriers. You can automate parcel shipping carrier selection decisions for routing, rating, time-in-transit and much more:

  • Reduce freight costs – Instantly compare national & regional carriers for small parcel, LTL and TL shipments. Ensure that lowest-cost, on-time shipping rules are followed.
  • Increase throughput – Automatically route, rate and process domestic & international shipments in a matter of seconds.
  • Automate your company’s shipping scenarios – Embed company-specific business rules and customer preferences into the system to save time, prevent errors and eliminate manual shipping tasks.
  • Produce shipping labels & documents in seconds – Auto- generate carrier-compliant labels & documents for domestic & export shipments. Automate AESDirect filing.
  • Enhance visibility – Provide real-time delivery tracking details for customer shipments.
  • Share information – Automatically capture parcel shipping data for customer service & analysis.

Fast, Accurate & Efficient Shipment Processing

Multi-carrier shipping software
Ship-IT parcel shipping software removes the manual and redundant processes that slow down the shipping line and potentially create errors. Flexible processing tools make it easy to ensure that shipments are processed correctly, every time. Features include:

  • Address verification software – Pre-emptively analyze and correct delivery address errors that result in upcharges.
  • Shipment processing rules – Built-in logic ensures that only applicable services are considered, preventing users from choosing the wrong carrier, service and documents.
  • Customer-specific shipping requirements – Routing instructions, reference data, specific label or document specifications, etc., can be embedded and triggered automatically for consignee-specific orders.

Case Studies

Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software system. For example:

“We thought we would see a two-to-three month return-on-investment (ROI) based on shipping volumes during our busy season. Ship-IT is actually paying for itself during our slowest season, so our ROI is even higher than expected.” — Don Dafoe, Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Craft Supplies USA

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