Pack-IT Order Fulfillment Software

Order Fulfillment Software  for Fast, Accurate Packing

Pack-IT is a flexible order fulfillment and order packing software solution designed to help shippers ramp up order fulfillment throughput without increasing staff.

With Pack-IT, workers can scan, verify, and close orders all in one continuous action, in a fraction of the time required to pack orders in a manual paper-driven environment.

With Pack-IT, order packing details are provided on an intuitive screen for fulfillment staff while they work.

Pack-IT can show images of actual products being picked for each order.

Pack-IT features include:

  • Detailed product or line item tracking − Users scan, capture and validate line item detail such as serial number, lot number, quantity, etc. Once scanned, Pack-IT verifies carton and saves content details and automates the Advance Ship Notification (ASN) process.
  • Guided packing to eliminate errors − Pack-IT can be configured to auto-detect duplicate or incorrect items being packed.
  • Real-time inventory visibility – Pack-IT can be configured to upload inventory details as items are packed, to automatically adjust inventory levels
  • Visual, sound and pop-up messages – Pack-IT provides the ability to add product images along with sounds and message prompts to prevent order fulfillment errors from occurring.

You can configure Pack-IT’s voice messages, order prompts, error messages and verification prompts to match your specific requirements.

This is just one example of prompts and messages to help packers prevent duplicate or errors in the order packing process.

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-train − Pack-IT’s barcode scan-based workflow automates the packing process so that staff can be trained in minutes.
  • Built-in, automated packing slips − Pack-IT can automatically generate labels and packing slips as each order is closed; just print and apply. No need to fold, insert or tape the packing slip to the carton.
  • Increase throughput by 10X − Our customers have measured significant productivity gains by installing ADSI’s integrated order fulfillment software and multi-carrier shipping software.
  • Built-in ASN and EDI – If you’re shipping to retailers, our solution ensures vendor compliance, in a fraction of the time.

Reduce Training Time to Minutes

Many of our customers deal with fluctuating order volumes that require additional temporary or seasonal staff in order to meet demand. Many tell us that during these times, training temporary staff is often a time-consuming and costly investment.

We’ve designed Pack-IT to dramatically reduce the training time typically needed to onboard temporary staff. Our customers tell us that they can now train staff in five minutes or less, and they can be productive on Day One.

Achieve 100% Order Packing Accuracy

Pack-IT also virtually eliminates order packing errors. Our solution provides staff with easy-to-follow scan-based packing guidance so that they cannot move on to the next order until they’ve accurately completed the first order. It operates as an efficiency tool and an audit tool to your overall fulfillment system.

Pack-IT is Integrated with ADSI’s Fulfill-IT E-Commerce Fulfillment Software

Pack-IT is also integrated to Fulfill-IT, ADSI’s all-in-one order management, cartonization and shipping software for e-commerce fulfillment. Fulfill-IT offers a robust order fulfillment system with a user-friendly dashboard for order planning, waving, picking and processing.

Pack-IT can also be integrated for use with many other order management systems. For information on order fulfillment systems and online marketplaces that ADSI has integrated our solutions with, visit our Software Integrations page.

Save Time, Streamline Labor with Pack-IT + Ship-IT

ADSI’s Pack-IT software and Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software offer a great productivity solution for companies who have order fulfillment software , but want to automate order packing and shipment processing. With Pack-IT and Ship-IT, workers can scan, pack, verify and process shipments all from a single workstation, eliminating the need for separate packing stations and shipping stations.

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