Pack-IT Order Fulfillment Software

Order Fulfillment Software  for Fast, Accurate Packing

Pack-IT is a flexible order fulfillment and order packing software solution designed to help shippers ramp up order fulfillment throughput withoupack_it_scan_itemt increasing staff. Users can scan, verify, and close orders all in one continuous action, in a fraction of the time required to pack orders in a manual paper-driven environment. Features include:

  • Detailed product or line item tracking − Barcode scanning feature enables users to capture and validate line item detail such as serial number, lot number, quantity, etc. Pack-IT verifies carton and saves content details and automates the Advance Ship Notification (ASN) process.
  • Guided packing to eliminate errors − Save time and increase order packing accuracy with auto-detection of duplicate or incorrect
    Example configurable Pack-IT screen with alert message. Click image for larger view.
    Example configurable Pack-IT screen with alert message. Click image for larger view.

    items being packed. Easily maintain back order status and automate inventory adjustment as information is uploaded to host system.

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-train − With Pack-IT’s audible alerts, pop-up windows and preview screens, staff can be trained in minutes.
  • Built-in, automated packing slips − Pack-IT can automatically generate labels and packing slips as each order is closed; just print and apply. No need to fold, insert or tape the packing slip to the carton.
  • Increase throughput by 10X − Our customers have measured significant productivity gains by installing ADSI’s integrated order fulfillment software and multi-carrier shipping software.
  • Built-in ASN and EDI – If you’re shipping to retailers, our solution ensures vendor compliance, in a fraction of the time.

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