Submit-IT AESDirect Software

Submit-IT Software for AESDirect Filing

You can quickly and easily automate the AES filing process with ADSI’s Submit-IT, an automated AESDirect solution to file Electronic Export Information (EEI) to the Automated Export System (AES).[1] Submit-IT works with ADSI’s Ship-IT shipping software for a complete and automated export shipping solution.

How the Submit-IT works:

  • Submit-IT is installed as an integrated component to your Ship-IT Submit-IT Commodity Screenshipping software system.
  • As orders are received, Ship-IT flags international orders and analyzes them to determine what data is necessary to complete international shipment details.
  • Submit-IT adds the required classification information for your commodities and maps it to the required AES fields.
  • As the shipment is processed by Ship-IT, the EEI details are automatically transmitted to AES.
  • When the export data has been successfully submitted and an ITN response is retrieved, Ship-IT automatically prints all the required shipping labels and export documentsAESDirect Information.
  • The Internal Transaction Number (ITN) is printed on the carrier compliant shipping label.
  • Shipping label and export documents are placed on the carton and ready for the carrier to pick up.
  • Shipment details including ITN number will be returned to your host system for record keeping.

Benefits of Filing with Submit-IT AESDirect

  • Ensure export compliance. Submit-IT’s editing system ensures compliance with current Census Bureau export reporting requirements.
  • Correct errors as they occur. Submit-IT generates a response message to the filer when filing data is incomplete, omitted, or inconsistent. Correct errors early in the process – and prevent delays or penalties.
  • Decrease your costs. Eliminate the cost of corrections with up-front data edits.

Submit-IT + Ship-IT: Save Time, Reduce Costs and Gain Control Over Export Filing

Many ADSI customers have combined their Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software system and Submit-IT to save time, reduce costs and gain greater control over their export shipping operations.

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[1] ADSI is AESWebLink Certified to comply with the mandatory electronic reporting of export information Public Law 107-228 published on June 2, 2008.

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