Deliver-IT Package Tracking

Obtain Proof of Delivery and Reduce Lost Shipments with Deliver-IT

Deliver-IT package tracking software is a productivity-shipment tracking softwareenhancing shipment tracking software tool that adds tracking and verification (POD) to the parcel delivery process. Deliver-IT operates on a lightweight, mobile computing device for on-the-go, door-to-door operations.

  • Improve delivery performance.
  • Enhance customer service by with real-time delivery notifications.
  • Improve worker productivity by eliminating manual delivery processes.
  • Avoid costly refunds and missed deliveries.
  • Reduce the time to resolve customer order issues.
  • Reduce the occurrence of lost or unaccounted for items.

Real-time Delivery Status

A Mobile Delivery Tracking Tool: At the point of delivery, the driver  Deliver-IT shipment tracking softwarescans item and:

  • Deliver-IT confirms address, consignee, and item information.
  • Real-time updates are delivery via wireless networks.
  • Delivery details are transmitted to your order management system in real time.
  • Delivery details are also available via the Web.

Proof of Delivery

  • Signature capture and upload for real-time tracking
  • Built-in GPS to record the delivery location.
  • Integrated camera to capture customer, package, customer  and tracking details.

A Turnkey Solution

Deliver-IT runs on wide range of mobile computing devices. ADSI’s mobile computing experts can help you select, configure and install the right equipment for your operations.  We can also help you set up your Deliver-IT solution for operation over WIFI and cellular networks to communicate to the central server. When a connection is not available, data is captured and stored on the mobile computing device. Once a connection is available, all information is immediately transferred. The Deliver-IT shipping software server manages all transactions and communications with the order management system.

Integrated with Ship-IT Shipping Software

Deliver-IT works seamlessly with ADSI’s Pack-IT™ order fulfillment software and Ship-IT shipping software to optimize the entire process from order to delivery.

Questions or Pricing?

Our product specialists are here to help you. To learn more ADSI’s delivery tracking software, contact us via email at or call (877) 755 2374 today!


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