Address-IT Address Verification Software

Automatically Verify and Correct Delivery Addresses – Before You Ship

et1 delivery very smallNo company can afford to have delivery problems on customer orders. It’s too easy for dissatisfied customers to take their business elsewhere.

Equally important, if your carrier detects the delivery errors, the additional charges — which may range from $11.00 to more than $80.00 per shipment — quickly add up.

Make sure you have a multi-carrier shipping software solution with accurate delivery addresses, every time — with ADSI’s address verification and correction software.

Verify Addresses During Shipment Processing

Preemptively verify addresses and prevent potential Address Verification Softwaredelivery problems and back charges long before the carrier arrives to pick up your deliveries. Here’s how Address-IT works:

  • During shipment processing, Address-IT analyzes the delivery address for accuracy and displays a confidence rating on-screen for the user.
  • You have automatic or user-interactive options. Address-IT can automatically accept the corrected address or allow the user to select the preferred address.

Increase Accuracy, Save Time and Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate manual address lookups – An intuitive “Results” window displays delivery details and on-screen tools to handle the address issues within seconds.
  • Avoid  additional charges – When residential deliveries are erroneously classified as commercial deliveries, additional carrier charges — as much as $2.50/package — often apply. Avoid these costs with Address-IT.
  • Ensure error-free delivery addresses – With Address-IT, you proactively resolve address issues that cause delivery delays and the threat of a lost customer.

Address-IT + Pack-IT + Ship-IT

You can also optionally install ADSI’s Pack-IT order fulfillment software to eliminate picking and packing errors from your workflow. Pack-IT is an add-on component of ADSI’s Ship-IT shipping software solution.


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