Legendary Whitetails Wins at Holiday Shipping with ADSI

ADSI Helps Legendary Whitetails Ramp Up for Holiday Shipping

Legendary Whitetails, an online retailer of affordable fashion logo_legendarywhitetailsclothing, has grown 25% to 30% year over year since 1999. During peak season, order volumes ramp up from 100 orders to 8,000 orders a day.


Legendary Whitetails had completely outgrown its systems and did not have the real-time data it needed to maximize efficiency and better serve its customers. Also, the company wanted a more flexible multicarrier shipping system that would enable it to better control freight costs.

The company selected ADSI’s order fufillment and shipping software to be integrated with the company’s new MICROS-Retail order management system.


  • Improved order fulfillment accuracy to 99.9%
  • Increased flexibility and visibility by eliminating manual processes
  • Reduced training time from hours to minutes
  • Instantly strengthened negotiations with carriers
  • Reduced per package costs by 5-10%

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