Large Insurer Reaps Big Benefits with Desktop Shipping Solution

Insurer Automates Processing 1 Million Non-Warehouse Shipments

lady desktop shippingFor this large insurance company, responsive small parcel shipping is a must. Every day, nearly 70,000 employees and more than 20,000 agents work together to support sales and customer service activities.

Product and service information is typically sent out via small package delivery from the Company’s network of 24 corporate offices, operations and service facilities.


The company wanted a more efficient, cost-effective way to handle the high volume of non-warehouse small package shipments being sent from offices and other locations. The existing process was manually driven.

They opted to roll out ADSI’s Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software solution in all corporate locations, operational and support centers. “ADSI was performing well in our regional service facilities where we process 5,000 to 7,000 shipments per day,” said the company’s business automation analyst and project team leader, “We decided it would work well in all our locations.” ADSI’s solution has deliver operational and financial benefits.


  • Automated the processing of 1 million non-warehouse shipments per year.
  • Eliminated manual, paper driven processes related to shipment processing, tracking and cost analysis.
  • Gave all employees access to easy carrier rate shopping so they can choose lower cost options.
  • Gained company-wide visibility over all shipping activity.
  • Freed up staff to perform other duties rather than hiring additional employees or temporary staff.

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