Transportation & Logistics

Comprehensive Transportation Management & Logistics Solutions

Show your customers how they can accelerate productivity, profitability and operational efficiencies in passenger, cargo and carrier operations. Access to real-time data makes it possible to improve customer service by providing complete visibility into the supply chain. With mobility companies can maintain accurate inventory records, manage assets, and increase worker productivity by automating tasks and eliminating paperwork.

Warehouse Management Software

In a mobile warehouse, the likelihood for human error is lower, floor personnel and office management can communicate in real-time, and repetitive, labor-intensive tasks like picking, put-away and receiving are completed in a fraction of the time. Goods on the dock or in the yard are kept moving, and assets can be tracked right from the warehouse floor. It’s an intelligent way to keep warehouse productivity up and costs down.

Mobile Dispatch, Pickup and Delivery Solutions

Keep your customers informed of freight status at all times. With mobile computers, your customers can scan tracking details to better manage the supply chain, reduce buffer stock, or trace packages. Also you are able to maximize fleet productivity by scheduling pickups in conjunction with deliveries, increase back-office efficiencies by transmitting accurate proof-of-delivery information, speeding collection activities and eliminating unnecessary administrative work.

Yard Management Solutions

Capture inbound trailer-load information at the gate and relay it to a central office to quickly prioritize shipments and process dock-door assignments. Automate the receiving and cross-docking activities while at the same time being able to use dock-loading plans to optimize the use of the trailers in the yard.

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