Four Benefits of a Handheld Dimensioning System

Four Hidden Areas Where a Handheld Dimensioning System Delivers a Solid ROI

After expanding our product line to include a full line of static, mounted and handheld dimensioning systems, we’ve learned a lot about how and where each dimensioning model delivers a solid ROI.

This article focuses on going mobile. According to our customers, sometimes a mobile, handheld dimensioner yields greater efficiency and cost savings than a fixed or static dimensioning system.

Why? Because they’re inexpensive, and more importantly, warehouse staff can easily move them to wherever they’re needed most in the warehouse. The time and labor savings really add up.

Following are some tips to consider from our customers, featuring Size-IT, ADSI’s mobile, digital dimensioning system.

1. Receiving

If you’re already using a mobile dimensioner in your shipping operations, it can also easily be moved over to receiving operations. For maximum efficiency, choose a dimensioner with a built-in barcode scanner, so you use one piece of equipment to scan the product SKU, unit type, quantity and its dimensions.

Keep in mind, you may need to configure the unit to upload the dimensional data to a spreadsheet or your host system for inventory planning and management. However, configuration is easily accomplished. Size-IT uploads the data wirelessly or via USB cable.

2. Products Already in Storage

Mobile dimensioners like Size-IT also make it easy to audit dimensions on products where they are stored, rather than removing the stock and transporting it to a fixed measuring station.

ADSI sells mobile workstations that are ideal in enabling warehouse workers to move wherever they’re needed most. For more information on mobile workstations models and options click here.

Your staff can move through the warehouse with Size-IT on hand to collect data on products in their storage location – in a fraction of the time it takes to move inventory to a fixed dimensioning station.

While some of our customers use Size-It on its own, others combine combine Size-IT on a mobile workstation with a scale, receiving or inventory software and printer. It’s easy to collect SKUs, dimensions and item weight and, if necessary, print updated product labels right on the spot.

3. Large Irregular Objects

It can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to move large, odd shaped items to a fixed dimensioning station. Some items may be too large to be accurately measured by the system.

One of our customers, a large online home decor retailer, now uses Size-IT to measure products such as large sofas and children’s playground equipment.

With Size-IT, they can simply measure large items where they’re stored and upload the dimensions to their host system.

4. Shipping

Some companies ship a “known” set of products and package sizes, making it easy to build carton sizes into the shipping process. But others such as who sell close-outs or other variable products receive a wide range of products depending on seasonality, etc. Package sizes and shipping costs can vary as greatly as the product mix.

With Size-IT, the shipping staff can capture dimensions on outbound packages of any size and ensure accurate shipping rate calculation.

Size-IT is also great for capturing accurate pallet measurements on LTL shipments. When printed on the bill of lading and signed by the driver, the dimensions can be valuable documentation to avoid post shipment billing adjustments by your carriers.

Size-IT works readily with any shipping software (e.g. ADSI Ship-IT, UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, etc.).Not only do you save time, but manual measuring errors are eliminated.

The Bottom Line

If you’re trying to minimize the steps employees must take to capture dimensions and walk back to key them into a system, it makes sense to add a mobile dimensioner. You can save considerable time and labor, and ensure that accurate measurements are being used inventory management and shipping cost calculations.

We can help you calculate your ROI.

For more tips or answers to your dimensioning questions, contact us today.

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