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Optimal Wireless Network Solutions for the Speed of Business

optimal network performance adsiLooking for practical answers in choosing the right wireless network solution for your operations? ADSI can help. As a premier Zebra Technologies partner, ADSI has helped companies of all sizes to design and implement the right network solution for their current and future needs.

Whether you’re moving into a new facility or upgrading your existing network, our technical experts have the operational experience to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases. We recommend the following Zebra wireless network products:

Featured Wireless Networking Solutions

Optimal Network Performance

The faster your wireless network, the greater your capacity – a must optimal network performance
for the high demands of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the ever-increasing volume of mobile devices. With Zebra’s intelligent WiNG 5 and 802.11ac:

  • Performance is optimized and capacity maximized
  • Deployment is 3X faster with our zero-touch installation
  • Troubleshooting is 6X quicker with tools that consolidate all sites into a single view

Scale With Ease

optimal network scalabilityGet the only architecture that supports any deployment of any scale. No need to settle for competitor’s limits of a thousand clients per site. Nor do you have to introduce the complexity of fragmented management solutions. Instead, Zebra’s WiNG operating system can accommodate one to 25,000 access points on a single virtual controller– making your network four times more scalable. You can also manage it all remotely from a unified platform, for greater simplicity and cost-savings.

Secure Your Future

Dramatically increase security by extending protection right to the edge of your network. With Zebra’s intelligent wireless network, every access point becomes a part of your firewall, stopping threats before they enter your network. As your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative increases, so too will your data security and savings, because you can extend firewall policy enforcement without extending expenditures.

Discover Why Network Performance Can Make WLAN INFOGRAPHIC SAMPLEor Break Your Business

Download our informative infographic for a quick snapshot of the rapidly evolving world of business and its impact on wireless. Can your network take the pressure?DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC IMAGE


When you start with the optimal performance of Zebra’s Wireless LAN, you end congestion, uncertainty and degraded service. What’s more, you have a solid platform to support the Internet of Things. Now, you can sense, analyze and act faster, smarter and leaner.

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