RFID Solutions

Fixed, Handheld and Mobile RFID Readers

ADSI sells, implements and supports a broad portfolio of business and industrial RFID transportation solutions for virtually any type of environment. We can help you determine which types of RFID readers best meet your needs – fixed, handheld, and mobile.

Regardless of which products you choose, you can count on proven and tested products that deliver the reliability, performance required – even in the most demanding environments.

Business Class RFID Readers

Motorola’s business-class line of RFID readers is designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID into customer facing environments. Models include the:Motorola-FX7500-Fixed-RFID-Reader

  • MC3190-Z
  • FX7400
  • FX7500
  • DS9808-R

These business-strength readers are ideal for conducting item-level applications such as retail cycle counting, inventory management, and asset tracking.

Industrial Class RFID Readers

Motorola-MC9190-zMotorola’s industrial-class line of RFID readers is rugged and offers the high-performance necessary to track products, assets and other items in warehouse and distribution environments. Models include the:

  • MC9190-Z
  • FX9500

RFID Antennas

an710-antennasmallSimple to deploy and operate in conjunction with fixed RFID readers, the Motorola family of RFID antennas makes ant compatibility and will excel in a wide variety of applications.

ADSI also sells and services a complete line of logistics software solutions as well as Motorola wireless infrastructure equipmentmobile computers, barcode scanners, Zebra printers.

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