Distribute-IT WMS Software

Distribute-IT:  Flexible WMS System With Integrated Shipping

You can streamline supply chain management operations by implementing ADSI’s Distribute-IT warehouse management software (WMS) solution with our Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software solution.

Distribute-IT, when combined with Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software, delivers a flexible supply chain management solution that integrates warehouse management, multi-carrier shipping and international shipping for small-to-medium enterprises. This powerful warehouse management solution enables growth and improved productivity by automating and enhancing the inventory control process. With Distribute-IT, you can increase operating efficiencies, picking accuracy and fill rate, while reducing shrinkage and lost time.

Microsoft Based Technology

Distribute-IT is based on Microsoft technology including Windows-based PCs and servers, Microsoft SQL Server as the database, and Windows Mobile and CE-based mobile devices. Distribute-IT supports numerous brands of mobile hardware.

Streamline Warehouse Operations for Better Supply Chain Management

Distribute-IT’s real-time WMS functionality is easy-to-use and includes the following major functional areas:

  • Picking, packing and shipping
  • Location management
  • Barcoding
  • Material handling and movement
  • Inventory management and cycle counting
  • Waving/batching

Key Financial Benefits

  • Improved profitability, achieved through labor productivity gains in the warehouse operation
  • Improved working capital and operational liquidity, achieved through optimizing inventory levels
  • Reduced operating costs, achieved by reducing shipping errors and associated charge backs
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels, achieved by real-time order visibility and reduction in errors

Complete Selection of Complementary Mobile Computing Tools

ADSI also offers flexible mobile computing solutions to increase even greater accuracy and visibility your supply chain operations. Our professional services team can help you design and implement an integrated software and hardware solution to meet your specific warehouse management operational requirements.

Contact us to find out more about Distribute-IT warehouse management software and our other shipping software and equipment solutions.

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