DB Schenker Shipping Rates and Services

The Ship-IT Carrier Library also offers rating tools for DB Schenker Shipping (formerly BAX). Ship-IT currently supports domestic Overnight, Second Day, Deferred, BAXSaver, Guaranteed Overnight and Guaranteed Second Day service levels.

schenker shipping

Schenker offers many different shipping services, including Overnight, Second Day, Deferred, BAXSaver, Guaranteed Overnight, Guaranteed Second Day and Residential service levels. Deferred (5-Day) and BAXSaver (3-Day) are discount services offered to only a small number of customers. Only one or the other will be offered, never both at the same time. The company will negotiate rates and service levels directly with BAX. The result of these negotiations is the company’s BAX service agreement. ConnectShip allows the user to configure the software to reflect the parameters the company has negotiated with BAX.

Shenker hipping includes the following delivery types and services:

  • US Standard Overnight
  • US Standard Second Day
  • Deferred
  • BAXSaver
  • US Guaranteed Overnight
  • US Guaranteed Second Day

For additional information on accessorial or special services, and questions on configuring your Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping system to include Schenker rates and services, please contact us.

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