Cubing, Weighing and Dimensioning Systems

New Options in Cubing, Weighing & Dimensioning Systems

We know how important it is for today’s shippers to have fast, flexible cubing and dimensioning systems that capture accurate cube measurements on every package. ADSI sells a full line of weighing and dimensioning systems to meet a variety of business needs.

We can also help you integrate your dimensioning system to seamlessly exchange data with your host systems, as well as ADSI’s order fulfillment and shipping software systems. Our newest weighing and dimensioning products include:

Size-IT Mobile Dimensioning Tool

For some companies, a pocket-sized dimensioning system is more efficient than a static cubing system.  Size-IT, ADSI’s handheld digital dimensioning tool is a cost-effective solution. Size-IT automates the process and generates accurate results in three easy steps.

  1. Size-IT digitally captures the package or product length, width and height as you measure;
  2. Auto-calculates the dimensional weight for both domestic and international shipments; and
  3. Wirelessly uploads dimension calculations and package details to your order and shipping system.

Click the image above to watch a short demonstration video of Size-IT.

Effective for Receiving and Shipping Operations

Our customers use Size-IT to address several different types of dimensioning requirements. For example:

  • When they want to measure large, hard-to-move objects such as sofas, children’s playground equipment or industrial equipment that is time-consuming to take out of inventory and move to a static dimensioning system.
  • When their workspace is too limited to add a new static dimensioning system for cube measurements.
  • When they’re conducting inventory audits and want their staff to be able to move the cubing or dimensioning system to where the inventory is already stored.


iDim3D Imaging & Dimensioning System

Shipping regular and irregular shaped packages? No problem. From small businesses and mail counters to large operations and warehouses, the iDim 3D imaging and dimensioning system can be used in a variety of applications to ensure freight compliance and deter revenue loss from miscalculated dimensions.

With innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging components, the iDim dimensioning system is a flexible, mobile free-standing solution that captures dimensions, weights, bar codes, OCR text and images of static items. It dimensions packages, flats and irregular objects, and converts irregular objects like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and irregular objects to accurate cubed dimensions.

Click the image video above to watch a short video demo of the iDim.

The iDim dimensioning system has no moving parts and requires virtually no alignment or special handling when placing an object under the work area. Parcels are dimensioned more accurately and faster than manual measurements. In an industry-leading 0.2 seconds, dimensions are calculated within 0.2 inches of accuracy. The iDimension system is easy to set up, can be operated in manual or automatic mode and can be integrated with most shipping scales.

ADSI sells a complete line of iDim dimensioning systems to capture cube measurements for objects of all sizes, from small products to full pallets. You can download product brochures for each model of the cubing and dimensioning system below:

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZP900 Scale – USB Connectivity

This new modular countertop shipping and postal scale has been designedAvery Weigh-Tronix ZP900 specifically with the logistics market in mind. It is rugged, reliable and designed for long life in industrial environments. The Avery Weigh-Tronix ZP900 offers serial, USB and true Ethernet connectivity. It can be integrated into ADSI’s software as well as other third party software and hardware solutions.

The ZP900 can also be integrated into a kiosk or static dimensioning solution. The scale’s weighing mechanism is suspended underneath the platter, allowing the scale to fit flush with a counter so that boxes and parcels can be moved on and off the scale with minimum effort.

The ZP900 features Quartzell technology, a tried and tested form of weighing cell that has been further developed to offer faster, more precise weighing. LEARN MORE

Installing and Integrating Your Cubing System

ADSI can also integrate our order fulfillment and shipping software solutions with any cubing, weighing and dimensioning system you already have in place.


Contact ADSI today. Our cubing and dimensioning system specialists are here to help you assess your options and choose the best solution for your operations. To learn more, contact ADSI via email at or call us at (877) 755 2374 today!

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