Craft Supplies USA Gains Enhanced Delivery and a 2-Month ROI

ADSI Helps Craft Supplies Gain an Edge with Enhanced Delivery – at a Lower Cost

craft supplies USA


Founded in 1982, Craft Supplies USA sells quality woodturning tools and equipment for woodworking artisans. The company has established a thriving domestic and international business through catalog sales and its online store.


“We were the first in our industry to offer our customers a flat-rate shipping program of $7 for orders up to $150 in value and free shipping for orders over $150 in value,” said Don Dafoe, VP of Marketing and IT for Craft Supplies, “To manage this marketing program cost-effectively, we needed to upgrade our shipping system and processes.”

Craft Supplies was using standalone FedEx® and USPS® systems to rate and ship packages. With volumes peaking above 1,000 packages a day during the busy season, the company needed a new system that could easily scaled to handle spikes in activity. The company reviewed three systems and chose ADSI’s Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software system because of its speed and flexibility.


  • A 2+ month ROI by automating comparison of carrier rates & services via a single, multi-carrier solution
  • International shipments now processed in seconds, as fast as domestic orders
  • Shipping errors reduced
  • Streamlined shipping process that eliminated the need for specialized staff training

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