Budget Golf Shipping Case Study

Budget-Golf-LogoIn the competitive world of retail sales, Todd and Steve Messineo of Budget Golf have built a thriving sporting goods business. After opening their first store, in Joliet, IL in 1999, the brothers quickly became Internet retailers via eBay and their own online store (www.budgetgolf.com)

Budget Golf Shipping
Todd Messineo

As a result of its aggressive sales efforts, the company was growing so fast it was difficult to handle order processing, packing, shipping and customer service for each of its multichannel customer ordering systems.

The Messineos wanted to integrate their order, POS, inventory and shipping systems to electronically share information and eliminate the data entry work that consumed countless hours every day.

With ADSI’s Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software, they gained an efficient, scalable fulfillment solution that allowed them to meet peaks in demand without adding staff.

Budget Golf now ships thousands of orders, up to 30 pallets on its busiest days, and can easily handle spikes in volume with existing staff.

“Prior to using ADSI, we had to add a full-time employee for every $250,000 in additional sales,” he said, “Now we can dramatically increase order throughput without throwing more bodies at it.”


  • Reduced labor by 2,000 hours/year by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Automated 95% of order fulfillment scenarios
  • Eliminated the need to add seasonal staff to accommodate spikes in order volume
  • Gained greater visibility into sales patterns, order activities and shipping costs

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