Blog ROI Tip #6: Print Smarter, Not Harder! Automate Shipment Document Printing

Keep the Shipping Line Moving Efficiently with New Shipment Document Printing Tools

woman-smiling-small-300x199Previous ROI tips have focused on optimizing shipment routing and rating. But you can also significantly save time and reduce costs by improving shipment document preparation.

Over the years, shippers have worked hard to find ways to eliminate manual, handwritten documents and push their shipping software systems to do more of the work. But it’s still common for many companies to manually create those additional shipping documents and labels beyond typical domestic shipping documents. Whether the documents are produced using a computer form or written out manually, these interruptions add up to significant labor costs and also slow down the shipping line.

By stepping back and taking a bird’s eye view of your shipping workflow, you can quickly see how many times your staff stops to produce a shipment document:

  • Packing lists often require the staff to stop, print the packing list, fold it and it insert it into a pouch.
  • International shipments are often created manually using a template or standalone software.
  • Hazmat documents may come from yet another system, causing the shipping staff to stop and retrieve the right labels.
  • USPS Customs documents US postal shipments are also often hand-produced.

The Answer? Integrate Smart Document Printing Technology into the Workflow

Shipping_S4M_2_small Today’s multi-carrier shipping solutions, integrated with host order entry, WMS systems and smart printing technology, can eliminate most manual document preparation.
For example:

  • You can auto-generate a Zebra z-slip, an all in one packing slip solution. Many ADSI customers have taken advantage of this time-saving option. For an example of how this works, watch our Pack-IT Z-Slip video.
  • A fold-under combination pack/ship label, auto-generated by your shipping system is a great time saver.
  • You can replace USPS Customs documents with a system-generated USPS CN22 form.
  • Hazmat labels can also be generated by your shipping system, if you integrate it to receive product information from your order entry system and apply business rules to flag the order as HazMat. View ADSI’s HazMat samples.
  • Export shipping documents can also be auto-generated, if you invest the time to integrate your shipping system with your order entry and inventory systems and build in business rules to trigger the right documents for the right customer/country. For examples of generated documents product by ADSI’s Ship-IT system, click here.

Do the Labor Savings Add Up? YES!

Case Study ThumbnailSMGYRUS OLYMPUS CASE STUDY: This medical equipment company reduced export document preparation time by 80% and freed up their international staff to focus on other important tasks.
OTHER WORLD COMPUTING CASE STUDY: This computer products company eliminated manual documentation related to USPS shipping and saved 1,000 man hours in the first six months of the new process.
ANOTHER ADSI CLIENT freed up the equivalent of one full-time FTE in warehouse operations – after automating packing list/shipping list printing.

Other Cost-Saving Benefits

  • Reduction of shipping errors. A system generated document process practically eliminates keying errors – which can translate into thousands of dollars on returns, rush shipments, lost business and more.
  • Detailed shipment tracking. By adding barcode scanning to automatically capture product line items as they are packed and shipped, you gain a verifiable audit trail of every step in the fulfillment process.
  • Scalable solution to handle growing shipping volumes. Once your system is configured to auto-generate documents, you’re in a better position to increase throughput without adding seasonal labor.

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