AP 7562 Outdoor Access Point

Challenging Job Sites, Harsh Outdoor ap7562_1Environments and Even Tough Weather Are No Threat to the AP 7562 Mesh Access Point

The AP 7562 is a WiNG-enabled outdoor rugged 802.11ac Mesh Access Point designed to provide high performance wireless networks connectivity under challenging climate and landscape conditions.

Features & Benefits:

MANAGE VIDEO, VOICE, AND DATA WITH DUAL RADIO TECHNOLOGY – The AP 7562’s dual radio 802.11n and 802.11ac and three spatial streams deliver the power you need to transmit and receive video, voice, and data on your outdoor network. Whether you’re operating a large construction site with multiple contractors who require access, or a major outdoor event where fans will be texting pictures and video, you can rely on the AP 7562’s rugged construction to hold up in harsh conditions and its reliable technology to deliver service from the moment you open the gates until the last truck leaves the site.

HARDWARE THAT’S BUILT TO LAST UNDER HARSH CONDITIONS – On the outside, the AP 7562 outdoor-rated IP67 die cast aluminum enclosure offers a rugged housing built to handle anything from rain to snow, hurricane-force winds and sub-zero temperatures. On the inside, you get all the power you need to provide high-performance, seamless, reliable and secure wireless access for even the densest user populations.

FLEXIBILITY OF USE TO DELIVER OPTIMAL SECURITY AND CLIENT SATISFACTION – In addition to its durability, the AP 7562 offers a great deal of flexibility. The access point can act as an in-line sensor for client location awareness and security threat analysis. Or you can dedicate the unit as a full-time dual band in the sensor role. This kind of flexibility means you can design a multi-role, secure network that meets your requirements for safety, size, and performance.

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