AP 7522E Wireless LAN

AP7522E – 802.11ac ACCESS POINT

Upgrade to 802.11ac Wi-Fi speed and throughput – all at a low cost.ap7522_2

The AP 7522E combines 802.11ac speed with 2X2 MIMO for a dependable, high-performance wireless LAN. High-powered radios mean you’ll need fewer access points, adding to the system’s economical price point. Easy to install and ready for expansion, this fast option offers scalability and affordability.

Features & Benefits:
  • GREATER ACCESS – FEWER ACCESS POINTS – Combining 802.11ac speed with a comprehensive Zebra feature set – including 2X2 MIMO – means you deliver dependable, high-performance wireless LAN to your users. The AP 7522E’s high-powered radios provide a superior experience using fewer access points – without compromising access or speed. Install up to 25 AP 7522E access points without the cost of a dedicated network management controller. If you have a larger deployment, no worries. You can scale to up to 1,024 WiNG Express access points with Zebra’s WiNG Express Manager.
  • A SLEEK LOOK FOR ANY ROOM – The AP 7522E was designed to blend with your walls so you can maintain sleek aesthetics. Opt for the internal antenna version if décor is key, or select the external-antenna version if you have a challenging space to cover.
  • EXTRAS DELIVER POWER, PERFORMANCE, AND FLEXIBILITY – Two spatial streams plus 256 QAM modulation deliver the maximum throughput needed to support a host of applications, including voice and HD video. The AP 7522E’s dual-radios (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) make it easy to upgrade to 802.11ac while still supporting legacy devices. Additional features include beamforming, Power-over-Ethernet (POE) radio share and off-channel scan to provide unmatched flexibility – a single AP 7522E performs double-duty as both an access point and a sensor.

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