AP 6562E Wireless LAN


Extend Campus Coverage – Not Costsap6562

Designed for extending wireless LAN coverage to outdoor areas, the AP 6562 cost-effectively supports the most demanding wireless applications and a large number of wireless devices. Ideal for distribution centers, hospitality, retail, and education campuses, the AP 6562 can handle the ever-increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and bandwidth-heavy applications connecting to your wireless network.

Features & Benefits:
  • FULL 802.11N PERFORMANCE WITH STANDARD 802.3AT AND MESH NETWORKING – Simplify and reduce the total cost of installation using standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Patented Mesh Networking – MeshConnex™– allows wireless extension of existing wired or wireless networks in remote or outdoor locations, eliminates running expensive cables to every AP outdoors.
  • MOBILITY SUPPORTS FAST, SECURE ROAMING – This unique, multi-purpose device can execute and enforce the IDS/IPS security policies configured in the Zebra wireless switch, and can also be utilized as a 24×7 dedicated sensor for wireless IPS with AirDefense services.
  • OUTDOOR IP67-RATED, POLYMERIC CORROSION RESISTANT ENCLOSURE – Designed to withstand wind, rain, and extreme temperatures, this ruggedized access point has proven itself time and time again.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GUEST EXPERIENCE – Deploying a simple outdoor extension to the indoor wireless network comes naturally with AP 6562, allowing hospitality customers the ability to reach outdoors with applications targeted toward guest experience and concierge, expedited check-in and valet, or toward revenue generation in pool and guest access areas.
  • FAST AND EASY ZERO-TOUCH DEPLOYMENT – The AP 6562 requires no configuration or manual firmware maintenance. The Zebra wireless controller discovers access points on the network and automatically downloads all configuration parameters and firmware, greatly reducing installation, maintenance and troubleshooting costs for Layer 2 and Layer 3 deployments. With internal and external antenna SKU options, the compact and aesthetic design provides more choices for mounting locations.

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