An ET1 Tablet or an iPad for Your Enterprise?

Some Practical Tips When Considering an iPad or a Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet

img_blog1Do you have questions about when to use an ET1 Tablet or an iPad®? We’ve certainly received plenty of questions on this topic. So for today’s blog, we’re asked our mobile computing product experts to weigh in with some practical tips for consideration.

Now in the interest of openness, let’s all admit it — many of us love our iPads. We use them for all kinds of fun and productive activities, so we understand the many end-users’ desire to work a tablet into the enterprise solution. However, the iPad, for all its usefulness, was not designed with most enterprise applications or environments in mind.

Thankfully, a new breed of enterprise tablet has started to emerge, specifically designed for markets that have traditionally been served by rugged mobile devices. Leading the way is the ET1 Tablet from Motorola.

So, what does the ET1 bring to the enterprise that the iPad doesn’t?

img_blog2Actually, a surprisingly long list of features, including:

  • IP Rating: IP 54 – Sealed against windblown dust and rain
  • Drop Spec – Multiple 4 foot drops – Mil stD 810G
  • Temperature Range 32° – 122° Fahrenheit
  • Humidity 10% – 95%
  • Vibration 4Gs peak, 5Hz to 2kHz, 1 hour duration per axis

img_blog3Integrated Essentials

  • Barcode Scanner
  • MSR
  • Battery is user replaceable
  • Battery can be swapped out on the fly and charged externally
  • GPS – A WAN version only option on the iPad
  • Hand strap that comfortably works for periods of long use
  • SD card slot
  • HDMI out

Operating System

  • Uses Android, one of the most popular mobile operating systems
  • Thousands of existing apps, many with an enterprise focus, already exist for the platform
  • Full printing and scanner support from a wide range of enterprise hardware providers

Enterprise Commitment

Motorola promises to keep the ET1 in production for 3 years, so units can be replaced with an identical model.

Enterprise Options

  • 1 and 4 slot docking cradles
  • 4 slot battery charger
  • Customizable bezels
  • Service from the start with comprehensive coverage

We won’t go through this list point by point, but there are a few critical features that may make the ET1 a better choice for enterprise solutions.

img_blog4IP Rating and Drop Spec
While the IP 54 sealing of the ET1 is not as robust as many industrial rugged mobile computers, it is on par with handhelds designed for the retail market, and significantly better than the no IP sealing of an iPad. The same can be said for the 4 foot drop spec.

Integrated Barcode/MSR
It is possible to use a Bluetooth scanner with an iPad, but do you want to keep track of a second device or have an MSR hanging dangling off the top? The ET’s1 barcode scanner/MSR integrates seamlessly removing the need for a second device.

img_blog5Enterprise Accessories
Since the ET1’s battery can be changed out in a matter of seconds, it stands to reason that Motorola would provide accessories for external battery charging and they don’t disappoint, providing a 4 bay external battery charger in addition to one and four bay charging cradles so you will never find yourself short of power. The front bezel is customizable and can be branded for a specific end-user.

As consumers, we’re often enthralled with the idea that a new device is always right around the corner. However in the enterprise, solutions need to be supported for years. Motorola has promised that the ET1 will be available for three years, meaning replacing units or scaling the solutions will be supported with the same hardware.

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