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Software Demo Videos

shipit video image for websiteADSI’s Ship-IT Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Overview

Watch this video to learn how you can reduce freight costs and automate your shipping process with ADSI’s Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software.

adsi measureit video imageADSI’s Measure-IT for Receiving Operations

Watch this video to see how quick and easy Measure-IT captures and records a product sku#, dimensions, weight and image all in a click of a barcode scanner.

ADSI Modex video iconADSI Showcases Mobile Shipping and Order Packing Software at Modex 2016

Want to see ADSI’s shipping and order packing software in action with RFID and mobile computing solutions? Watch this video from Modex 2016 where Bob Fischer, CEO of ADSI demos our software and hardware solutions.

packit video icon imagePack-IT Order Fulfillment with Zebra’s Z-Slip

Watch this video to see how ADSI’s Pack-IT order fulfillment software, combined with Zebra’s Z-Slip all-in-one packing solution can save countless man-hours while reducing paper in your warehouse.

pack-it video iconADSI’s Integrated Pack/Ship Solution Video

Watch this video to see how ADSI’s integrated packing and shipping sofware, combined with Zebra label printers and barcode scanners, eliminate packing and shipping errors, and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.


Equipment Demo Videos

TC51/TC56 Touch Computer

Watch this video to see the sleek and beautiful—yet smart, rugged and hardworking touch computer designed for retail and field mobility applications.

totalwearablesolutions-video-image-for-video-pageTotal Wearable Solutions

Watch this video to see the new Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions – mobile computers, ring scanners and headsets. Our solution to increase your worker productivity by 15%.

3600 series video image3600 Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanner

Watch this video to see our new 3600 barcode scanner – the new standard for rugged design, scanning performance, and manageability in industrial scanning.

video icon for sizeit worldshipSize-IT for UPS WorldShip®

Would you like to eliminate unexpected backcharges and automate your process? Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to measure package dimensions and automatically upload them into your UPS WorldShip® system.

ltl mobileworkstation video icon imageMobile LTL Shipping Workstation

Would you like to be able to process and ship orders 90% faster? Watch this video to see how ADSI’s mobile LTL shipping execution workstation can help you reduce time and save freight costs.

tc8000 video iconTC8000 Touch Computer

Watch this video to see the TC8000 Touch Computer in action – a new revolutionary design that delivers revolutionary productivity gains… one more hour, per worker, per shift.

size-it video iconSize-IT Mobile Dimensional Weight Calculator

Are you looking for a faster, simpler way to calculate dimensional weights and shipping rates?  Watch this video to find out how ADSI’s Size-IT mobile dimensional weight calculator can help.

idim video iconiDimension 3D Imaging System Demo

Watch this video on the iDimension 3D imaging system which captures dimensions, weight, bar codes, flats and irregular objects and more in just 0.2 seconds.

idim assembly video iconiDimension 3D Imaging System Assembly

Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to assemble your iDimension 3D Imaging System.

zebra zt400 printer video iconZT400 Industrial Printer

Keep your critical operations running efficiently. Watch this video to see how the ZT400 Series printers deliver superior print speed, registration and connectivity as well as additional advanced features.

zebra print touch video iconFast, Easy Label Printing with Zebra Print Touch

Watch this video to see a short demo of how fast and easy label printing can be, even from your wireless notepad, with Zebra’s Print Touch tools, Zebra mobile printers.

newcastle video icon for websiteDemo – Mobile Packing & Shipping Workstations

Watch this video to see how our integrated, modular mobile workstations accelerate fulfillment, increase productivity and reduce labor.

RFID video iconHow RFID Drives Fast, Accurate Inventory Management

How much efficiency can you gain with an RFID solution to track and update your inventory? Watch this video to see how ADSI has implemented this solution for many customers who’ve gained tremendous time and cost savings.

rugged industrial printers video iconRugged Industrial Printers for Manufacturing & Transportation

Watch this video for a demonstration of Zebra’s next generation industrial printers, the 105SLPlus table top printer and the QLn420 mobile printer – both designed to produce 4″ wide labels in the warehouse, shipping & receiving, retail distribution and more.


Case Study Videos

grove medical video iconGrove Medical Case Study Video

Watch this video to find out how Grove Medical accelerated shipment processing to 12X faster with ADSI’s Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software system.

legendary whitetails video iconLegendary Whitetails

Watch this video to learn how Legendary Whitetails gained 99.9% order accuracy, reduced shipping costs, gained real-time visibility, all with ADSI’s Pack-IT and Ship-IT shipping software solution, combined with Zebra print technology.

brake parts video iconADSI and Brake Parts Video

Success to Brake Parts, Inc. means 100% order accuracy, detailed shipment visibility &  strict adherence to customers’ shipping rules. Watch this video to find out how they achieved this with ADSI’s Pack-IT and Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software solution…

gyrus olympus video iconGyrus Olympus

Watch this video to find out how Gyrus Olympus reduced export shipment processing time by 80% with ADSI’s Ship-IT International shipping software, including automated AESDirect filing.

mcmahon cartage video iconMcMahon Cartage

Watch this video to find out how McMahon Cartage transformed fuel distribution with Zebra mobile computers and printers. The result? Streamlined workflow; reduced errors and a faster, more accurate billing process.

american hotel reg vid iconAmerican Hotel Register Co

Watch this video to find out how ADSI helped the American Hotel Register upgrade manifest shipping from a manual process to an automated shipping software solution and wireless infrastructure, resulting in a $1.1 million in savings to their bottom line.

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