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ADSI Releases Mobile Order Fulfillment Solution with Built-In EDI and ASNs

Mobile Pick-Pack-Ship Solution with Built-In ASNs and EDI Reduces guy with ring scanner and wt unit in warehouseCosts and Ramps Up Productivity — We’re  pleased to announce the availability of a new scan-based order fulfillment solution that automates order packing,  shipment processing and vendor compliance requirements for retail suppliers. The new solution combines ADSI’s order verification software, multi-carrier shipping software and built-in SaaS based retail vendor compliance EDI tools.

All-in-One, Auto-Guided Order Processing
With ADSI’s solution, order packers scan and confirm line items as they are packed. Pack-IT auto-alerts users if an item or quantity is incorrectly packed. Once the order is complete, Pack-IT closes it out and Ship-IT compares carrier rates, generates carrier-compliant shipping labels and documents in a matter of seconds.

ADSI Software + Standard EDI Interface
Our newest order fulfillment solution combines ADSI software with built-in EDI capabilities powered by SPS Commerce. Contact us today to learn more how about this cost-saving solution.

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Case Study: McDavid Calls on ADSI to Solve A Shipping System Emergency

mcdavidMcDavid manufactures and sells sports medicine equipment and performance wear for athletics to big box retailers, professional, college and high school teams, trainers and trainer supply groups and via their website

The company faced a serious challenge when its shipping system vendor went out of business. As we all know, customers don’t like delays in deliveries. “We were under the gun to find a partner that truly understands what it takes to support our retail customers,” said McDavid’s Director of IT. “Additionally, we had no room for implementation delays, so we were looking for a company that could provide almost a turnkey solution to replace our legacy system, with no hiccups in the ‘go live’ date.”

McDavid chose ADSI’s Ship-IT shipping software to replace and Pack-IT order packing software to streamline and accelerate order fulfillment. To find out what improvements they gained, click here.

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A Faster Wireless LAN for Your Warehouse

If your wireless LAN network is no longer as fast or reliable as it woman in warehouse with ring scanners and wt unitneeds to be and you’re experiencing slow-downs or hiccups in the fulfillment process, you’re not alone. Many of our customers have outgrown their existing WLAN and want to upgrade to a faster solution but have questions on this jargon filled topic. If you’re just getting started in WLAN research, this article is for you.

Fast Facts About the 802.11ac Standard for WiFi
For a quick technical explanation of the new 802.11ac standard, read our blog, “What is the 802.11ac WiFi Standard?” This short article provides the basics about this newest standard in WLAN technology and answers questions such as: “What exactly is 802.11ac and why should I care?” “How are 802.11ac and 802.11n different?” and “How fast, really, is 802.11ac?”

Complimentary WLAN Consultation

If you’re in the market for new WLAN solution, ADSI can help. We sell, implement and support a complete line of Zebra WLAN solutions, and our network specialists will be happy to help you assess your options. Contact us for a complimentary WLAN consultation.

P.S. Subscribe to our blog for a series of short informational posts on WLAN technology.

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See You at and Parcel Forum 15!

tradeshow pictureWe’re excited to announce that we’ll be demonstrating our latest mobile order packing and shipping software solutions at the Digital Summit in Philadelphia, PA, Oct. 5-7, 2015 and Parcel Forum 15 in Chicago, IL, Oct. 19-21, 2015.

We’re continuing to expand our line of mobile and wearable computers, dimensioning systems, mobile warehouse workstations and shipping solutions, all designed to help you easily move your workforce to wherever they’re needed most.

Please visit our Events Page for more details on these conferences. If you have specific questions or are pressed for time, please contact to schedule a personal demonstration.  See you there!

Events Page

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