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The Real Impact of Dimensional Rating, Today and in the Future

irregular-shipping-packageMuch has been written about the financial impact of carriers’ expanded dimensional rating programs that took effect  this year. For a multitude of reasons, the actual change in freight costs has been, to date, hard to track. However, a recent article by Mark Solomon of DC Velocity provides a glimpse of the real impact of dimensional rating on all shippers, large and small. In this issue, we’ve decided to focus on the the topic of dimensioning and how to prepare for its growing role in the cost of delivery. Click the link below to read our blog and access the full article by Mark.

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ADSI to Unveil All-in-One Dimensioning & Shipping Solution at Parcel Forum 2015

man in warehouse with hard  hatSmart Dimensioning Made Easy! Are you looking for a cost-effective way to address the dimensional rating dilemma? Problem solved. ADSI is delighted to announce the availability of our integrated dimensioning and shipping solution, which we’ll be demonstrating at the upcoming Parcel Forum show in Chicago, IL at the Hyatt, October 19-21, 2015.

Fast, accurate dimensional rating in seconds. With our new solution, it’s a snap to capture dimensions, calculate the dim weight and auto-compare carriers for the lowest-cost option in Ship-IT™, our multi-carrier shipping software system. Customers can choose from a range of flexible dimensioning tools to integrate with Ship-IT or any other system.

Now “live” and creating savings. Many ADSI customers are already reaping the benefits of our integrated dimensioning and shipping solution. They’ve freed up labor and eliminated measuring errors that result in backcharges from their carriers. Be sure to stop by ADSI’s Booth 517 for a real-time demo. See you at the show!

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Measure Tubes, Polypaks, Boxes & More

Watch the iDim video demo!
Watch the iDim video demo!

NEW VIDEO: Dimensioning system technology is rapidly evolving and yielding more flexible solutions at a fraction of the price when compared to traditional systems. Watch our short video to get a sense of the iDimension system, which captures measurements on boxes, tubes, polypaks, pallets, and more. We sell a complete line of models for industrial, warehouse and retail operations.

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Take Your Dimensioner With You

Watch the Size-IT video!
Watch the Size-IT video!

UPDATED VIDEO: We’re also seeing a surge of interest in Size-IT, our mobile dimensional weight calculator, as a great efficiency tool for receiving, shipping and general operations. Watch this short video to see how this easy-to-use tool can be used to capture accurate dimensions anywhere in the warehouse for better planning and decision making.

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Share Your Dimensioning Questions & Ideas With Us

Every day, we’re fortunate to hear from many of our customers and partners who have creative ideas for improving their receiving and shipping operations with the industry’s latest dimensioning tools. What are your ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

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