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Happy Thanksgiving to Our Employees, Customers, Partners and Friends

A special greeting of Thanksgiving time to express to you our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day.

Why You Should Be Capturing Dimensions on Your LTL Shipments

LTL CARRIERS ARE NOW USING DIMENSIONING AS AN AUDIT irregular-shipping-packageTOOL TO PROTECT REVENUE – While most of the media and industry focus has been on the financial impact of dimensional rating on small parcel shippers, LTL carriers have been also implementing dimensioning systems. This allows the carriers to verify the cubic volume and calculate the density of the freight that moves through their systems. If the carriers’ measurements point to a different freight class and price, the shipper will likely face a higher freight bill then was expected. Are you protected from these unplanned freight charges? Read our blog for ways to minimize the risk.

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rfid logo imageWhy High-End Product Manufacturers Are Adopting RFID Technology

ITEM-LEVEL RFID TECHNOLOGY FOR TRACKING IS PLAYING A MUCH MORE IMPORTANT ROLE FOR MANY RETAILERS, ESPECIALLY IN APPAREL AND FOOTWARE. We’re we’re seeing a surge of interest in other industry sectors as well,such as high-end computer hardware, large machinery, furniture and other high-value products. These companies are in the process of replacing their barcode-based systems with RFID to track inbound receipt of goods as well as the internal movement of products as they go through assembly. Click here to learn more.

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Zebra Printer Trade-In Program – Earn up to $500

HOW MUCH IS OUTDATED PRINT TECHNOLOGY COSTING zebra_product_group-300x209YOU? When you hold onto your old printers with the ideas you’re saving money, you’re overlooking the hidden costs.

With our GO Zebra Trade-In Program, you’ll receive up to $500 cash back with each purchase of a new Zebra thermal printer when you trade in your old one – even if it’s a competitor’s model. Click here to learn more about our rebates.


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