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BLOG: Parents: Do You Know Where Your Favorite Pet Bird Is?

Sometimes, our partners’ stories are so good that we just can’t pass them up. Take, for example, this recent story about a noble pet rescue, posted on the UPS Compass website. How could we possibly top this… [more]
PRODUCT NEWS: ADSI Releases New Version of Web-Based Ship-IT for Small Shippers

ADSI recently unveiled the latest version of its Web-based Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping system, ideal for small and growing businesses. This latest SaaS solution replaces manual shipping tasks with intuitive software that makes it easy to create shipments, pull in ship-to details from an online address book, pre-verify addresses to eliminate errors and upcharges, and compare carriers to determine the best cost/service.

“It’s a real time saver for smaller shippers, whose staff are often responsible for many different jobs in a given day,” said Bob Fischer, president and CEO of ADSI. “It also requires minimal set up or hardware investment, since our customers can access it over the Internet.”

This version of SaaS Ship-IT will manage UPS, FedEx and USPS services. Local delivery and courier services can also be added. Carrier rates will be set up by ADSI according to the shipper’s account. All required carrier compliant labels and documents are also generated by SaaS Ship-IT.

“Additionally, shippers don’t have to worry about system updates,” said Fischer, “ADSI manages all the details via our servers. It’s a win-win for small companies trying to cut costs and grow their business at the same time.”

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PARTNER NEWS: Attractive Pricing Options Now Available with Joint Motorola & Zebra Field Mobility Solutions

Now through year end, Motorola Solutions/Zebra Field Mobility Pricing Promotion gives you access to end-to-end, best-in-class solutions for your field service, POD and DSD/route accounting challenges. Act now to take advantage of attractive pricing on Motorola Solutions’ ET1 WAN, MC45, MC65, MC67 and MC9500.

Additional discounts are also available on mobile computer accessories, Zebra printers, printer charging accessories and service agreements/

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FEATURED ARTICLE: Need to Increase Order Efficiency? You Need Pack-IT! You can easily speed up order packing, eliminate errors and prevent bottlenecks in your shipping line by adding ADSI’s Pack-IT to your Ship-IT system. Here’s how it works:

  • Orders are downloaded onto the packers’ computers via an intuitive Pack-IT screen.
  • The employee uses a barcode scanner to verify item as they are packed.
  • Pack-IT tracks and verifies items as the employee packs and alerts them if an error occurs.
  • Once the order is fully picked, the same employee closes out the order and processes it for shipping.
  • Orders can be tracked right down to line item detail once the order is shipped.

Your packing stations become shipping stations. You can process shipments from multiple points in the warehouse. This is a great way to avoid bottlenecks at the end of the shipping line. If one workstation goes down, you still have multiple pack stations to ship orders.

On a desktop, on a mobile computer, on a forklift. Pack-IT can be adapted to a wide range of environments. ADSI can provide a complete software and hardware solution. We also offer mobile powered workstations by Newcastle Systems for a complete mobile solution.

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A Note From A New Customer:
“We are very pleased with the support your team has been providing us. During the trip to Canada your technician presented a very professional image and represented ADSI extremely well. Very positive comments from our Canadian counterparts; also very well received by our Director of Customer Service… Looking forward to a long and productive relationship.”
From an Industrial Products Company & ADSI Customer — (Thank you, ADSI appreciates your note!)

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