ADSI Shipping News July 2015

Welcome to our July edition. This issue is focused on the benefits of adding desktop multi-carrier shipping software for your office workers as well as new offers to enhance performance for your mobile devices and your wireless network infrastructure.

Multi-Carrier Desktop Shipping Software – Easier to Deploy than Ever

Have you ever tracked the total cost of all those “non-warehouse” or office-based packages containing samples, legal documents, marketing materials, etc. that go out every day? They’re often processed by hand with no easy way to compare carrier services and costs. Many companies are surprised by the sheer volume and cost of these shipments, yet are challenged as to how to get better control over them.

Over the past year, many of ADSI’s customers have added our lady desktop shippingdesktop shipping software for their office workers to eliminate these hidden shipping costs. How? Read ADSI’s blog post, “Desktop Shipping ROI: Reduce Freight Costs on Non-Warehouse or Office Shipments,” which discusses the hidden costs of non-warehouse shipments and how companies can significantly reduce shipping charges and capture valuable shipping data that can be used to negotiate with carriers.

We hope you enjoy the post! If you’re in the market for a desktop shipping system, we can help. To learn more about ADSI’s desktop shipping software, go here or download the Ship-IT desktop datasheet.

Go Mobile Trade in

GO Mobile Trade-In Program: Up to $200 Cash Back When You Trade Up!

IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WHILE YOU SAVE: What good is a mobile device if its technology hinders your ability to perform, collaborate and make decisions? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your mobile devices with next-generation solutions that keep you current and ahead of business demands. ADSI, a premier Zebra partner, is here to help you move up with great pricing, fast delivery and in-depth mobile computing know-how.

EXCHANGE OLD DEVICES FOR NEW POSSIBILITIES: Simply trade in any outdated mobile device with a display equal to or greater than 2″ including models from Motorola Solutions, Symbol, Telxon and any other comparable manufacturer’s brand. There’s no limit to the savings you can gain or the quantity of units you can recycle. With the return shipping paid by Zebra, you can think big and trust that the devices will be properly disposed of. To find out more, visit our GO Mobile Trade-In site.

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS GREAT PROGRAM: Send us a note or call us at 877-755-2374 today for product and pricing information. Our mobile computing experts have great ideas to help your organization achieve the most beneficial results for your investment.

Count on ADSI for Robust, Scalable Wireless Network Solutions

warehouse overviewRIGHT SIZE YOUR WIRELESS NETWORK: At ADSI, we’re involved with implementing wireless network projects every day, so if you want practical answers to ensure you’re choosing the right configuration for your operations, we can help. As a premier Zebra Technologies partner, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes to design and implement high-performance, cost-effective networks that accommodate their current and future needs.

Whether you’re moving into a new facility or upgrading your existing network, our technical experts have the operational experience to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases. For more information on our recommended solutions, visit our Wireless Network Solutions page and/or send us a note at to arrange for a complimentary consultation.

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