ADSI Shipping News January 2013

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PRODUCT NEWS: ADSI’s Product Advisor – a Flexible Mobile Computing Solution for Retailers

We know how important it is for retailers to have instant answers for customers making purchasing decisions.

Responsive customer service is much easier when you have ADSI’s Product Advisor, a user-friendly in-store micro kiosk solution to provide expert answers. It’s also useful for employee training.
ADSI unveiled the latest version of the Product Advisor with our partner Motorola at the National Retail Federation (NRF) annual conference in New York. For this event, we developed a “Wine Advisor” application for the Motorola MK500 and the MK3100, designed to be an interactive in-store kiosk for wine shop retailers. Customers were able to look up particular wines for pricing, product details and wine-food pairing suggestions.

One of Many Retail Apps
The Product Advisor is just one of many retail solutions developed by ADSI, a Motorola Elite Level Mobile Solutions Partner. Our technical staff can help you install and configure a wide range of retail and distribution solutions for your specific operations.



PRODUCT NEWS: Add Stage-IT to Your Ship-IT System & Reduce Freight Costs

ADSI’s Stage-IT freight consolidation software makes it easy to automatically detect consolidations and choose the best carrier routing and rating option – in a matter of seconds. In fact, many of our customers are now using it to consolidate their domestic and international small shipments according to their specific business rules.

Interactive or Automatic Consolidations – Stage-IT can be configured to allow the warehouse staff to view consolidations and select optimal carriers, or you can fully automate the decision process based on embedded business rules.

Flexible Configuration Options – Stage-IT is designed to accommodate a variety of distribution scenarios. We’ve configured Stage-IT to exchange data from a wide range of ERP and order entry systems and we’ve installed it as a desktop and mobile computing solution.

How Much Can You Save with Stage-IT?

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CARRIER NEWS: The 2013 USPS Rates & Service Updates: Are You Prepared?

This month, prices for all USPS products (mailing and shipping services) will increase by 4%, but prices for Mailing Services such as regular letters and advertising matter will increase only 2.6%. In addition to the new postal rate increases, several new service options are available to shippers. Questions? Contact us today.



DYMO/Endicia has created an information web page, “USPS: New Prices and Services” and an On-Demand Webinar which provides an overview of USPS price and service changes.


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