ADSI Shipping News April 2017

Welcome to the ADSI April Newsletter…

ADSI Releases Ship-IT 7.0, Industry’s New User-Configurable Shipping Software

SHIPPING SOFTWARE MADE EASY! In the past 18 months, we’ve heard from many shipping managers who want to be able to configure their own shipping system without relying as heavily on IT resources. After many customer discussions and thousands of hours of development, we’re excited to release Ship-IT 7.0, our most user-configurable multi-carrier shipping software ever.

RESPOND FASTER TO BUSINESS CHANGES: This release includes many intuitive set-up tools that allow you to create your own shipping rules, documents and more without relying on a programmer. Ship-IT 7.0 also offers new optional modules such as:

  • Order Processing Dashboard – Import, create, manage, rate and ship your orders in the order management module.
  • Your Own Document Engine – Create and customize and brand your own packing lists, shipping documents, and other carrier-compliant documents and labels.
  • Cartonization Logic for Lowest Cost Packaging – Ensures orders are packed in the most optimal package size for lowest-cost shipping rates.
  • Many e-Commerce Platform Integrations – Ship-IT integrates with eBay, Amazon and many other online marketplace platforms.

Take a test drive of Ship-IT 7.0 today. Contact us to schedule a complimentary demonstration and working session.


Tips on Choosing the Best TMS Solution for Your Business

Transportation management solutions (TMS) are getting a lot of attention these days as companies look for ways to optimize their delivery network and get control over rising freight costs. New technologies and new vendors have given TMS systems a serious overhaul in terms of usability, configurability, deployment and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

However, as many shippers have learned, reviewing TMS solutions is far from straightforward. Read our new blog, featuring a new article by ADSI’s Bob Fischer, for some thoughts on considering your the best TMS solution.


How Wholesale Marine Cut Costs & Sped Up Shipping with New Dimensioning System

IT’S A FACT: Inaccurate package dimensions on small parcel shipments can quickly turn into a mountain of unexpected freight charges if the carrier finds a discrepancy in measurements.

Wholesale Marine, a nationwide distributor with over 20,000 SKUs, became susceptible to additional fees, back charges and freight compliance issues from miscalculated package dimensions.

Read this case study to find out how Wholesale Marine eliminated carrier chargebacks and manual labor with the iDim300 dimensioning system.


Choose Fulfill-IT for Fast, Efficient E-Commerce Order Processing

FULFILL-IT, OUR NEW E-COMMERCE FULFILLMENT SOFTWARE, IS MAKING WAVES! Fulfill-IT offers the software tools you need to process e-commerce orders quickly and cost effectively. Fulfill-IT automates fulfillment process so you can process orders in seconds, with tools such as:

  • Cartonization analysis to optimize packaging
  • Amazon Prime Certified shipping software integration
  • Integration with most e-commerce marketplaces, such as eBay, Overstock, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify and many more e-commerce platforms
  • Branding tools to create your logo’ed labels and documents
  • Multi-carrier shipping comparisons to ensure fast, accurate, lowest-cost shipping.

TAKE A PEEK: Click on the image below for more information and a short demonstration of Fulfill-IT.

Contact us today for more information and a live demo of Fulfill-IT. You’ll be glad you did!


Earn Up to $300 Cash Back Per Unit with the Zebra Go Mobile Trade-in Program

TIME TO REFRESH YOUR MOBILE COMPUTERS? We can help you upgrade and save! With Zebra’s GO Mobile Trade-IN Program, you will earn cash back for upgrading your mobile computers, just by trading in your old devices.

With our Zebra GO Mobile Trade-In Program, you’ll receive up to $300 cash back with each purchase of a new Zebra mobile computer when you trade in your old one – even if it’s a competitor’s model. CLICK HERE to learn more about our rebates.



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