LTL Rate Server

ADSI Ship-IT LTL Rate Server for Less-than-Truckload Shipping

The Ship-IT Carrier Library also offers a standard LTL rate server component to facilitate package rating and shipping from origins in the United States, Canada and Mexico. A Less Than Truckload (LTL) carrier is an eighteen-wheeler type of carrier. The Ship-IT LTL carrier component allows you to exercise complete control over the carriers, rates, and discounts in use.

Ship-IT LTL Rate Server features include:

  • LTL tariffs, as represented by the standard commodity classes and nine standard weight breaks
  • Accessorials by geographical area
  • Discounts by geographical area
  • Absolute minimums by geographical area
  • Time-in-transit commitments
  • Custom accessorial services
  • Check digit algorithms for PRO numbers
  • Canada origins and destinations
  • Mexico origins and destinations
  • Document: bill of lading (using tractor-feed stock or laser format)
  • Truck Manifest (This document contains the same information as the bill of lading, in one document printed after Close Out. The carrier must authorize use of this document.)
  • Check digit algorithms
  • Custom upload formats

For more information on configuring the LTL Rate Server on your Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping system, please contact us.

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