ADSI Releases New Mobile Order Fulfillment Software and EDI Solution for Retail Suppliers

Complete Software Solution Delivers Scan-Based Order Packing, Multi-Carrier Shipment Processing, Advance Ship Notice and EDI Tools for Retail Vendor Compliance

Schaumburg, IL – October 15, 2015 – Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc., (ADSI) today announced the availability of a new scan-based order fulfillment solution for retail suppliers that provides automated order packing, shipment processing and retail vendor compliance requirements in an all-in-one solution. The new solution, which integrates ADSI’s fulfillment software to the SPS Commerce Retail Network, provides suppliers with all the shipping functionality they need to meet their retail customers’ requirements and reduce operational costs.

“Shippers have struggled to integrate their systems to handle retail vendor compliance requirements for years. Our new solution includes all the necessary order processing, shipping and EDI functionality, with added configurable business rules to further streamline the process,” said Bob Fischer, president and CEO of ADSI. “Equally important, we’ve designed it with mobility in mind. Our solution can be deployed on mobile computers, wearable technology and desktop computers, whichever our customers prefer.”

All-in-One Order Packing and Shipping

The new solution includes Pack-IT, ADSI’s scan-based order fulfillment solution, which enables workers to scan, pack and verify order line items in seconds. Pack-IT prevents packing errors by automatically alerting packers if a particular item or quantity is incorrectly packed. Once the order is complete, Pack-IT closes it out and passes it to ADSI’s Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software for processing. Carrier selection and customer-specific shipping rules can be automatically managed by Ship-IT to save time and prevent fines resulting from shipment routing errors. Ship-IT also automatically generates all carrier-compliant shipping labels and documents in a matter of seconds.

Automatic ASN Management

All the order details are automatically captured and formatted for vendor compliance labeling and ASN transmission to the retailer. ADSI software includes a library of ASN label templates for easy configuration. EDI transmissions are managed behind the scenes via the SPS Commerce Retail Network that is configured to work seamlessly with Ship-IT. “This is a huge time saver for our customers. It also ensures that order details are accurately captured and transmitted on time, eliminating the risk of chargebacks due to vendor compliance errors,” said Fischer.

Win-Win for Shippers

ADSI developed its latest solution to make it easier for companies to manage the complexities of shipping to retailers, which can cause a huge drain on labor and expose the shipper to potentially high fines from the retailer if errors are made. “Our integrated order packing and shipping software takes all the manual labor out of the process and ensures accuracy,” said Fischer. “Equally important, our customers can become EDI compliant without having to take on a significant hardware or software investment.”

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